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The Great A – Z April Challenge Theme Reveal!


I’m doin’ it! And my theme will be…



(that’s a drumroll)



In my effort to decide on a theme, I picked up my thesaurus and started leafing through it. Still not being able to decide, I decided to decide on the second-last entry word in the left hand column of the left hand page of whichever page I open the book to on that day, regardless of what the word is (keeping in alphabetical order of course), thus challenging myself beyond the challenge of writing twenty-six entries during the month of April.

Don’t be surprised if your SoCS prompts correspond with the letter of the day… *checks to see if “X” falls on a Saturday* … no it does not. Hooray for you!

If you’re announcing your theme today for the A – Z Challenge, please leave a link in the comments. Anyone reading this, check out the other participants. It’s a wonderful time of the year to connect!