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Q is for Quash


I opened my thesaurus to the word “quash” and actually said out loud, “oooh quash!” What a great word! It’s like the lazy person’s way of saying “squash” – who needs that pesky extra letter when you can just leave it off? And bonus – it means the same thing! Unless you’re talking about the vegetable… wait, is a squash a vegetable? You’ve gotta be careful about that sort of thing. You remember what happened with the avocado, right? (Click the link for a story.)

There are so many great words associated with quash too! Words like crush, hush up, overthrow, quell, rescind, and squelch. The word “squelch” always makes me think of walking in the pouring rain when I’ve forgotten my umbrella. It’s the feeling my feet get when they’re sodden inside my shoes and socks. There’s a feeling I’d rather quash.

What have you quashed lately?

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14 thoughts on “Q is for Quash

  1. Quash, quash, quash, quash – what a fun word to say!


  2. I only think of quashed as in when a court quashes a conviction, do you think I watch too many crime programmes?


  3. hahaha. I keep saying it and it keeps sounding funnier!


  4. Great post Linda I rather like the word quash as in to quash a rebellion! Quash my plans! 😉


  5. For me, quash is the sound of grapes bursting between the toes, during the wine-making process.


  6. Quite wet here. Looks like a good day for quashing about in my shoes, too. Oh, wait, I didn’t do that right, did I? Hah! No, I use squishy a lot more. But I will try to quash something today and get back to you!


  7. What a perfect for today…surely my feet will feel quashed walking in this pouring rain and through the shortcut, six inches of mud…perfect word for my toes.


  8. Hahahahaha … well played !


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