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R is for Redress


Wow. Okay. “Oh Thesaurus The Great” gave me “redress” to work with today. Your guess is as good as mine where this is going…

As a verb, a few of the synonyms are adjust, correct, rectify, and repair. I suppose in blogging terms we redress our posts in that we edit them (if we’re perfectionists or even semi-perfectionists) all the time. Typos abound in my posts; if I didn’t edit them you wouldn’t be able to read half of them. But even that doesn’t seem quite right (as a definition of the word) since some of the other synonyms seem full of regret: make amends for, mend, and repay for instance. So is it fair to say that if I regret not editing my post I am full of redress? Let’s see what it means as a noun.

Atonement, indemnification, (there’s a mouthful) quittance, reparation, and restitution among others.

And here I was expecting to talk about trying on new clothes… 😉

Author: LindaGHill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

5 thoughts on “R is for Redress

  1. If you are going to re-dress then you will also have to re-shoe. After all you cannot be seen walking about in a new dress with your old shoes, can you? Hence it is time to go shoe shopping!


  2. Hah, good one! I thought it was about a red dress, too!


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