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SoCS – Ever Ready


The word “ready” has been tiptoeing around my head all day. Doing a ballet, actually. Unfortunately the pirouettes caused me to have to pop a couple of Tylenols, but I had them at the ready. So that was okay.

“Ready,” I’ve decided, should be an emotion. It’s an abstract sort of thing – ready isn’t something you can touch. It’s not something you can do. It’s the cusp of doing something… the edge of an action. When you’re teetering you may take the plunge before you’re ready just to find that you were ready after all. The opposite can be disastrous.

A machine can be ready but it still takes a human being (most of the time) to make it do what it’s ready for. Is the human ready? What decides us if we’re ready? Desperation, definitely. It’s a gathering of the emotions, isn’t it? Sometimes the gathering is slow – a culmination of years of want, of desire, of need. Sometimes the choice comes upon us suddenly, as in “it’s now or never!” Regardless, we take logic into account (sometimes), but in the end, “ready” is a feeling.

So next time you ask someone how they feel, give them the option: are you sad? happy? scared? content? ready?

And yeah, they’ll probably look at you with their eyebrows scrunched up in the middle and say, “Ready for what?” To which you may reply, “It was just something I read somewhere.”

This tired example of stream of consciousness writing is part of SoCS: Be sure to join in next week!

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

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19 thoughts on “SoCS – Ever Ready

  1. I am sad to say I am not ready for so many things I wish I were ready for. It’s not always a case of being open to being ready. Life isn’t quite so logical that way.


  2. Yeah I read it somewhere…cute. 🙂 Ballet? Did someone say BALLET???? Only my very favorite art!!!!


  3. I liked the idea of asking “are you ready?” The response about reading it somewhere mad me laugh. Thanks


  4. Ready DOES feel like an emotion…if we are ready, we can be excited or anxious and if we are not ready, we may be anxious, nervous or scared. Great post, Linda…you got me thinking and may add this in my bag of things to think about when a youth calls our help line…ready or not:)


  5. Mixture of emotions to be ready.


  6. I missed this installment of SoCS….I don’t think I was ready for it anyway!


  7. Ready to ask…. 😀


  8. So much of life is about being ‘ready for what’. You just hope that not only will you be ready but that you’ll cope with whatever the ready deals you. Great post Linda you poor tired girl that you are…..given me much to think about…


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