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Time for a WordPress Rant


Okay WordPress, what’s up with the missing “Reblog” and “Follow” buttons at the top of my screen when I’m viewing someone else’s blog? There have been a few instances in which I’ve wanted to re-blog something but I can’t. Am I the only one who’s still seeing (or actually, not seeing) this?

I have looked on the forums and apparently you’re “working on it.” Please “work on it” faster. Thank you.

On a lighter note, I’ve had one visitor so far today. It seems they were careful not to peek though. 😛

the visitor

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40 thoughts on “Time for a WordPress Rant

  1. Have you noticed that sometimes you have more likes than visits? How is that even possible? A like with no views. Hmm…


  2. Good luck Linda. I can’t even ‘like’ a blog now 😦

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  3. I too am SO tired of non-improvements from WP. I still post the old way after figuring out that if I mouse over the “my sites” thing and go down to “Blog Posts” and click, then click on “Add new” at the top, I can still get it to give me the old method. I shudder at the thought that may disappear.
    As far as reblog, I’ve noticed too that it shows up now by the “like” button for people who have it — not sure yet what happens for those who don’t…

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  4. The last time they made a change they messed up my blog…at least what I see. Others said it looked fine to them, but I was looking at was all over the page and on top of each other. It is still messed up, but that spot has moved far enough down there shouldn’t be many reasons to look at it anymore.

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  5. Countries listed, number of views, posts named as seen, none of it matches up any more….. 😦

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  6. I noticed they were both missing. The follow button popped up tantalizingly at the bottom of the screen before shyly disappearing. I managed to catch it. Just weird.

    I had to get creative about reblogging. I did manage to do it though. Things just are not as easy as they were.

    The other thing is that silly insights page requiring an extra click to get to the stats page. I much preferred the old style and reported so repeatedly, to no avail……

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  7. I am seeing the pop-up in the lower right for following, but I miss having it at the top because the pop-up disappears if you have to scroll down.

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  8. I don’t have it anymore either. I recently moved to a new host and thought it was just that. I’ve been having nothing BUT problems since I moved. I’m starting to think it wasn’t worth moving at all. NO new followers since I moved and very, very few likes since then too. 😦

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  9. Yeah I have noticed the reblog button missing too, from both the desktop version and my iOS version. I don’t particularly miss it, but it was nice knowing it was there. As for the follow button, if you scroll down on a site/blog, and then scroll back up, you should see the option to follow someone appear on the bottom right hand corner of the screen 🙂

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  10. Once again, there are ways to work around this, but I’m getting tired of “working around WordPress” – Maybe just once, they could ask us what we like, don’t like, want, don’t want and go from there to “improve” things.

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  11. I mainly use the app to read/comment on posts and it is missing for sure. It is just an annoyance that you have to go into the post itself to re-blog.

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  12. Hi Linda,

    I noticed it a while ago. Just like you I thought it was just me lol. I thought maybe my little corner in the blog world wasn’t import for me to have the option. hehe. Glad to know I am not alone.

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  13. WordPress keep mucking about with the site and it is so frustrating!

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  14. I’m cranky about the like button missing at the top of the screen. Yes, I do read everything, but when I have six tabs open with one photo on each, it makes it easy to go through them.

    And yes, scrolling down is not hard, but some of these themes recently make it hard to see where to like/comment or get hung up on ads.

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  15. Arrrgh! WordPress strikes again! It is trying to drive us all mad! xxx

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  16. I use WordPress a lot on my phone and the reblog button used to be on the bottom with the comment and like buttons. There is a way for me to share the post still, but it posts a link to the post instead copying the original. Not sure why they changed this but I would love for the old set up to come back. Or maybe I just need to put my laptop to more use.

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  17. Oh good, I’m not the only one with issues about views and visitors. It’s quite weird at times.

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  18. It’s not showing up for me, either. So annoying.

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  19. WP has made so many improvements but not all are easy to live with. At their Android updates there are a lot of annoying and disturbing news and not all do function very well 😉

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  20. I’ve missed the follow button as I can’t deal with all the emails… Are they working on this to or taken it out? Talk about choice… Barbara

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  21. And the “follow” button pops up in the lower right corner of the screen in green. If you scroll down it disappears but if you scroll up it reappears – it is floating.

    Oh, and your stats are wrong – I personally was on your blog abut 15 times today. 😀

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  22. Ha! You are so right! Statistics can be a bit entertaining sometimes. I’ve managed to have several comments and some heated debates… and yet no views. Sometimes I wonder if that might be part of the reason we’re all arguing…nobody’s even seen the post! Sometimes I get 4 views… from 7 different countries. I’m telling you, these things will mess with your head. 😉

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  23. There’s a reblog button next to the like button Linda…..I think that works

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