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SoCS – My Roots


I often wonder where my ideas come from. My stories seem to come out of the ether, as do the characters in my fictional works. Sometimes I’m inspired by something tangible, like a picture, a song, or another story or even a line I’ve read – sometimes it’s even a passing thought, like “what if?” But no matter where it comes from or what I do, it ends up twisted. And I swear to God, it’s not on purpose. It happens. My fingers take me places I can’t, and don’t, imagine… kinda. It’s hard to explain, because of course it’s coming from my imagination. But at the same time it seems to be coming from elsewhere, like a voice whispering in my ear.

So now that you think I’m nuts…

I have to wonder how much of it is genetic. My father was a creative guy. He made up stories, he played the guitar, his wit was extremely quick. (I’m sure that’s where my eldest son gets his wit from, though his dad (my ex) is a funny guy too.) I wish my father had lived long enough to tell me more of his inner thoughts. No father in his right mind would tell his adolescent daughter about the darker side of his thoughts. It would be fascinating though, to understand whether there’s anything to these twists that are more from my background and less from the ether.

Unless, of course, my father is the one whispering in my ear.

This second creepy SoCS post of mine this week comes to you via this post: Join in the fun! It’s not all creepy – I promise!

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Author: LindaGHill

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16 thoughts on “SoCS – My Roots

  1. I don’t think you’re crazy at all. Otherwise I’d have to include myself in that category. And I have no one to blame, as neither parent was creative at all, nor particularly witty. But I do find that when I write, it is not unusual to be led somewhere I had no intention of going. Like automatic writing.


  2. No doubt he is no doubt he is!


  3. I get my creativity from several different sources, but who really knows where the whispers might be coming from.


  4. I think it is surprising to contemplate who might be whispering in our ear at any one time Linda. Then again genetics suggests we do inherit stuff from our parents and some of that we hope is the good stuff like creativity and being able the write a sensible sentence. Have a good day Linda.


  5. Are you implying that crazy is bad? ๐Ÿ˜€


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  7. It could be that maybe you ARE crazy. Anyone who writes has to be crazy to some degree.


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