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Let me share with you


Do you ever experience something when you’re alone that’s so incredible, you just have to share it with someone else? It happened to me the other day, kind of. I was strolling along the waterfront trail when came across an elderly man who was sitting on a bench facing the water. He turned to me and I smiled and he said to me, “Do you want to see something?”

I said, “Sure,” and walked over to where he was sitting.

He pointed at a heron, standing close by on the rocky shore. “They don’t normally let you get this close,” he said to me. “Isn’t he beautiful?”

I agreed and then I respectfully oohed and aahed; I hadn’t the heart to tell him I’d been even closer to one of the huge, majestic birds just a few days before. When I walked away I felt good that I had been the one to share his wonderful discovery with him.

Here’s the first heron I saw:


Isn’t he beautiful? 😉

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

40 thoughts on “Let me share with you

  1. Nice of you to share this with us all. Did I miss the prompt for SoCS?


  2. What a lovely experience!


  3. That was a special moment and I’m so happy that you stopped to let him share it with you.


  4. These are the moments of shared serendipity that make you smile all day.


  5. Beautiful bird and scene.


  6. Lovely 💖🌹💗 A wonderful moment shared is twice as rewarding! The same as a problem shared is a problem halved. It’s all about sharing, the good things and those we need help or advice with.
    Thanks for sharing your moments!💝


  7. I’m glad you took the time to share his discovery. Some days, that’s the best thing a person has.


  8. A lovely shared moment and so good of you to not to say you’d been even closer the day before. Sharing moments with strangers is important , I bet he will always remember you! ❤


  9. Lovely to be able to share someone’s wonder


  10. Nice experience Linda and you did it so good 😀


  11. What a lovely story and that photo is …wow!! you are an amazing and compassionate woman, Linda, my dear, not bursting this man’s bubble…very sweet story.


  12. It is great to share a wonder like that with someone. I have a friend Penny and wildlife seems to be attracted to her. I’ve seen some of the most amazing things happen when she is there. HA! We wanted to go feed the ducks down at Strathcona Park here in Ottawa one day and all the bread we could find was pita bread. So, we bought a big package and went to the park. Penny was standing on a low rockwall , breaking pita and throwing it to a duck family with about 8 ducklings and a mama. While she was doing that a big black squirrel snuck down the wall and grabbed the package from between her feet. It was dragging the bag backwards when she spied it and hollered: “Stop!” The squirrel stopped and stood with the bag in its mouth looking at her. She said “Drop it!” And the squirrel dropped the bag but remained standing where it was. Penny said:”Back off and you will get your share.” The squirrel actually backed up about 10 steps and stopped. Penny broke off a big chunk and threw it to the squirrel. He grabbed it and scampered off. A few minutes later he was back and she threw him another piece, which he disappeared as quickly. This continued, with the squirrel taking his piece, disappearing and then coming back for more.

    Meanwhile Penny was throwing bread to the ducks and some other animals started to congregate.We had gophers, chipmunks, sparrows, miscellaneous birds and then a blue heron (who stood off on one leg and watched) and finally a huge black swan. This was all in a small inlet in the river just under the rock wall about 12 feet down. It was like she was speaking their language –


  13. Yes, he sure is beautiful Linda. I love those chance encounters with other strangers, I’m glad you took the time to chat.


  14. Beautiful! Bird, Man, You! 🙂


    • “Bird” Cuz even with pic, I still won’t know what a Heron looks like a year from now – but if I should see one – and traveling companion says, “Look at that bird! What do you think it is?!?”

      I will reply, “Hmm – looks familiar to one pictured in a story I once read about a woman, an elderly man, a chance meeting in the park, a moment of beauty….but I’ll have to look up the blog post – think the bird name started with an “H”, but not too worry – I know how to find it – just give me a minute (decade) with my smarter-than-me-phone….. – LOL


  15. I’ll bet it made that old guy’s day that someone was willing to share his joy. I wonder how many people he might have asked before you came along.

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