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NanoPoblano Day 10 – The “To or Not To Tuesday” Edition

I discovered a fantastic new prompt from Deborah of Container Chronicles, and it fit in so well with my NanoPoblano post for today, I thought I’d combine the two. I’ll leave the links for both at the end of this post – don’t forget to click on them.

So I’m thinking about what I should do about NanoPoblano when I’m on holiday. I haven’t scheduled any posts at all so far (which is what I figured would happen) and I’m thinking that even if I do, am I going to be able to reply to the comments? Probably not.

To do it or not to do it? Perhaps I’ll just schedule a post for the three days I’ll actually be traveling and leave the ones in between to chance. I know from experience that I’ll have equally good internet access there as I do here, and I don’t go out very much at night, so I’ll be sitting in my hotel rooms on the computer anyway. BUT, I could be doing something productive with that time, like reading, writing, or editing… Perhaps I’ll play it by ear.

What would you do?

After you leave me your valued advice in the comments, please check out Deborah’s prompt at: and join in today!


And don’t forget NanoPoblano, where you can find lots of great blogs to read and follow. 😀


Tuesday Use It In a Sentence – Banish

If I ease myself away from the temptation to eat Hallowe’en candy, I can usually resist. If I banish the idea of eating it completely, the temptation becomes greater. Strange…

This post is part of Tuesday Use It In a Sentence! You can find the prompt this week here: Please join in! It’s lots of fun!