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#SoCS – Describable

This is a post I’ve been procrastinating on all day, because … there is nothing to describe. It is, of course, about the attacks on Paris. The attacks all over the world, but understandably it is Paris we relate to because if it can happen at a concert somewhere in the “civilized” Western world then it can happen in our own back yards. But that’s not where my mind is going. Where my mind is going is how do we stop it.

I’ve spent the day considering how a follower of Tao, as I am, would handle this and the only thing I can come up with is this: teach by example. We must teach our children tolerance. We must be tolerant. Human suffering goes on everywhere. Yes, some suffering is more … extensive? That’s not really the word I’m looking for. Prolonged. Yes, prolonged. But suffering is a human condition. And until we can teach our children that we are all equal, whether we are disabled, or have different languages, or colour of skin, the truth is we are all human and we all feel the same things… until we can teach our kids that THAT is what is important and not what we believe is out there in the cosmos, or what might have created us or guided another human being to write a book – until we can teach our children that what really matters is that whomever our neighbour is that they feel the same things we feel and dream of the same happiness we dream of, until THEN, there will be wars and intolerance and discontentedness and hurt and pain in the name of that which only matters within the confines of our own minds and our own homes.

All lives are precious. ALL of them. This is not indescribable. It does not defy description. It transcends it.

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