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Pingbacks aren’t working – again


My last experience with pingbacks not working gave me enough insight to figure out what’s going on this time.

Some of the pingbacks on One-Liner Wednesday worked, and some didn’t. It turns out that this time, if you have a site–a free site that is–your pingbacks won’t work, at least when you’re trying to link to a custom site like mine. If you have a custom site, they work. Last time it was the other way around.

I hate to have to ask you again, but please, if you participate in one of my prompts, check to make sure your link is in my comment section after you’ve posted. This goes for yesterday’s One-Liner Wednesday, and based on the last WP breakdown of pingbacks, likely anything you link to for the next week. I’ll leave a reminder on the Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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54 thoughts on “Pingbacks aren’t working – again

  1. Well, that explains why my pingback for Tuesday Use It In A Sentence didn’t work :/ What a pain! Hope it’s fixed soon. I’ll try to remember to check and comment any links if I have to.


  2. Thanks for the info. I’ll leave a comment on SoCS


  3. Hey Linda. I was over voting on best blogs on a London site and I saw your name in the category of book reviewing. I voted for you.


  4. Mine does not seem to have made it through either:
    BTW not sure if it matters but my blog is a free site as well and this morning, for the first time ever I have not received any of the pingbacks to Thursday Doors.


    • It’ll happen to everyone until they fix it – at least to those who have the in their URL. You didn’t get Joey’s either? She’s .com…

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      • Nada. Not one pingback has come in from anywhere today and I’m up to close to forty contributors who all link back to my page.
        First time for me though, so for a free site I’m more than getting my money’s worth 😉


        • The way it was explained to me last time was they were changing all the (paid) sites from http to https. They must be working on the free ones now. It took about 10 days before I got my pingbacks back last time. It might take longer this time, since I can imagine there are more free sites than paid-for ones.
          Last time I put a notice at the top of my prompt posts, asking people to link in the comments. For you, you might just want to remind them about the Linky Link, and mention that their pings won’t show up.
          Writing my Thursday Doors post as we speak! 😀

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  5. This is so frustrating, especially as it was only recently fixed. I’ve contacted WordPress for an update. They will probably tell me they were not aware of the problem again! Let’s hope they fix it soon.


  6. Looks like mine didn’t work yesterday for the one-liner. *sad face*

    I noticed it on the Daily Prompt earlier but thought it was just their site.


  7. I wonder if they broke during the day. Mine is a “free” site (although I pay for storage and themes and whatever) but the pingback worked. I added it pretty early in the day.


  8. Having screamed I see my pingback worked ( I am whispering because I am using a free blog) Oh! Confusion reins and we all get wet!


  9. Hi Linda..I participated in “One Liner Wednesday” yesterday but the ping back to you didn’t work. Hence pasting the link of the one -liner here.


  10. Mine haven’t worked for many months, not doing anything different then I did when I first was able to. They used to work. Mine is free WordPress.


  11. I don’t think the “free” part matters. My blog is on the free plan, but my pingback is ok.
    Is it just if a blog has a custom domain name?


  12. Could be worse, we could be on Blogger…


  13. WordPress being WordPress — again. *sigh*


  14. Oh drat! It is so frustrating!!!!

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