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#SoCS – Limbo


I was always good at doing the limbo when I was younger. Now I probably suck at it. In fact, I’m afraid to even try it. I have to wonder if it somehow prepared me for the more…what’s the word… existential form of limbo I face now. The constant feeling I’ve had for many years that there’s something more out there for me. Riches, lifestyle, fame… I can admit to craving those things maybe 20 years ago. (make that 30) But then again I didn’t have kids to worry about 30 years ago. I could do with the first two now – riches and a better lifestyle – but fame is something I can do without. I like being invisible.

The feeling of limbo has changed. Morphed in some way. Back thirty years ago I had no idea how I might achieve such things. Now I at least have writing… not likely to gain me all these things, but the minute possibility is there. And hey, who could have imagined I’d have even this many people interested in what I have to say? Me, the wallflower at parties – the one of the couple who used to stand back and listen to what everyone else was chatting about, and only speaking when spoken to.

The limbo is wrapped up now in waiting to be published. I’m very very close with the smaller project. The bigger one needs more work, but I’m still determined to get it out there before the year is up. I promised my muse I would, after all.

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Author: LindaGHill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

12 thoughts on “#SoCS – Limbo

  1. Never did the limbo, now I’m curious. Maybe we called it something else.


  2. Oops! For gallant read TALENT!! Xxxx


  3. Hi Linda life is all about Limbo, physical and mental! As far as I can see you are very adapt at both.
    Good luck with the book you don’t need luck you are a real gallant 😉 xxx


  4. Limbo; now there’s a ridiculous pastime. People actually do that?
    I’m a shy retiring wallflower type, too, so I fully sympathise with you there.

    Hahahaha, as if.


  5. When you have kids, everything changes! Now that mine are technically grown, I’m forging ahead into a more creative lifestyle. But you are not waiting! You are doing it, now! You and your powerful muse!


  6. I remember doing the limbo in PE class in elementary school. I was pretty good at it then. Don’t think I’d be now (especially with my bust :D). I could do with riches and a better lifestyle, too. Fame, not so much. Maybe just a little. I’m a bit of a wallflower myself, after all.


  7. I used to do the limbo many moons ago, but sure couldn’t now! I remember the song, too … the Limbo Rock! Reading the responses to the ‘mb’ prompt has been eye-opening that there are so many words that have that combination. It’s fun to see which ones everyone chose to use. 🙂


  8. I know that feeling – that perhaps there’s more out there. Good luck with finding your way through and satisfying your muse!


  9. I can totally relate to being a wallflower. I was also voted as one of the most quiet in the high school year book.


  10. You’d be surprised how many of us used to be the wall flower and who still say the least in group situations….


  11. As an aside Linda, I just did a guest post over at Cordelia’s Mom’s. I would be honored if you had the time to drop by. Thank you.


  12. I can attest to the fact that you are invisible until you pop up at the door to check on a missing fellow blogger. Ha! Thank you.


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