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#SoCS – Classes


I’d be a full-time student if I could. Most of what is holding me back is time. I’d hate to spend all that money (which would have to come in the form of government grants, but still) and then find out I haven’t got enough hours in the day to complete a course. So I wait until the perfect time. HA! Yeah, that’s going to come along.

What I do think I’ll be able to manage though, is a course from the college where I graduated from my writing program. One of the classes they offered but I didn’t take because it didn’t fit with what I was doing at the time, was for writing memoirs. I could really use that for my story about Alex and parenting a Deaf child, when I get the chance to gather all that up. Yeah, time again.

Speaking of time, how pathetic is it that I almost didn’t get my post for my own prompt written before midnight? I was so afraid I’d not get my fiction one done, that I wrote it before this. It’s also a SoCS post – I’m actually quite proud of it. Often when I write stream of consciousness fiction it ends up sucking. But I don’t think today’s did. I hope you’ll check it out. The link to it is over there —-> on the right-hand sidebar. At least right now it’s there. Next week it probably won’t be there, so you’ll have to look for it with the rest of the links in the comments of this post. Where you can join in too! It’s fun!!!

I wonder if I’d be as enthusiastic about taking classes if I had to go back to the same set-up as we had in public school. Tiny little desks, teachers who demanded respect and sent you out into the hall if they didn’t get it… lousy cafeteria food, and hall monitors. Now the only monitor I have to deal with is the one I’m looking at when I type.

I skipped school a lot. Writing this, I can see why.

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26 thoughts on “#SoCS – Classes

  1. I would like to go back to school too. Or, at least, I think I would. Then come my excuses, reasons, roadblocks. Who knows what will happen in the end. I could sign up for a class online this summer. Many options. Hope I can choose one.
    Good luck with your memoir stuff.


  2. Nicely done, Linda. Just under the wire is fine 🙂


  3. As an aside I just did a guest post over at Mark Bialczak’s and I would be honored if you had the time to drop by. Thank You.


  4. Good luck with your courses. I start my first classes next month for an English Degree. My first time in College!


  5. I hope that you find a course which suits your requirements. All the best! 🙂


  6. Ah, time. That old enemy! There never seem to be enough hours in the day…


  7. You can do an advanced creative writing course at the open university. Google it. They are doing their first ma in advanced creative writing in September. I’m already in debt but student finance only funded me until I got my BA . I will find a way to to my can be done xxxx


  8. Every day is a school day, I firmly believe that.
    But there aren’t enough wild horses in the world to drag me back to any type of formal education.

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  9. You know some of the smartest people I know are the ones for whom school didn’t go so well…they dropped out, skipped classes, never finished or they did finish but never had any heart in what they were doing…..good luck with it all, hours in the day is such an issue isn’t it….


  10. Can you take courses on-line?

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