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It’s Time To Vote for the 2016-17 #SoCS Badge!


It’s after midnight, which means this year’s contest is closed for the new Stream of Consciousness Saturday badge. We have seven wonderful pieces of art to choose from! Anyone can vote: make yours count!

I’ll name them all to make it easier for voting purposes. Here are the contestants in order, according to the time of their entries:

KG, with “Long and Winding Road”

Dale, with “Thoughts”

Willow, with “Wildflowers”

John, with “Digital Sky”

JoAnna, with “Rocks and Water”

Helen, with “Fast-Moving Stream”

Deborah, with “Firework Fantasy”

Please be sure to check them all out before you vote!

Poll is closed.

The poll will be open for one day. If it doesn’t close down automatically after 24 hours, I will close it when I get up on the morning of Friday, August 12th. The results will be announced before the Friday SoCS prompt is posted, and our winner’s badge will be featured for the very first time as part of the prompt!

Best of luck to all our amazing contributors!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

39 thoughts on “It’s Time To Vote for the 2016-17 #SoCS Badge!

  1. Linda, thanks for following my blog. I enjoy your posts so much.


  2. 🙂 Linda – please forgive me for not voting – each perspective can and is, appropo- 🙂 Simply couldn’t, in good conscience, choose one, over the other – 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time and commented:
    I’m a bit late in sharing this, but I think you have some time left to go vote. I’m not saying you should vote for mine, but… 🙂


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  5. Reblogged this on The Sound of One Hand Typing and commented:
    I have a badge in this competition, and it looks like just about everyone has reblogged Linda’s post that has the ballot. Vote early, vote often.

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  6. These were great, some really wonderful entries that made it difficult to choose a winner….I did finally make up my mind and voted! 🙂


  7. Voted. All fabulous. I was torn between two.


  8. Gee, you named it and everything….

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Between John and Joanna for me. I like Square badges which ruled many other out. John won out because his name was the most readable….


  10. Reblogged this on Anything is Possible! and commented:
    This is fun! Lots of interesting designs. Mine is one 🙂


  11. Reblogged this on willowdot21 and commented:
    The only chance to vote is today! Good luck all entrants. 🤗

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  12. I have had a look at all of your designs. They are all great. The winner , in my opinion, has to be Dale ‘Thought’s – love! love! love it! If I had to choose a second it would be Deborah ‘Firework Fantasy’. I am in love with Dale’s.


    • I hope you were able to vote! I worry that people viewing the post on their phones might not see the poll. If not, please try to have a look on a computer and put in your vote. 🙂


  13. Voted!
    There were sone great entries!


  14. Good luck everyone not long now!🤗


  15. Very cool entries.


  16. Thanks to all who contributed. It was a hard decision – all were excellent


  17. So much fun! Thanks for the opportunity, Linda! Good luck to everyone! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  18. That was fun! Thanks to everyone who made badges. I enjoyed looking at them all.


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