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I Can Do This!!

C’mon, friends and fellow Bloglanders! I’m only ten votes away from third place in the Cover Wars competition for the week’s best book cover. I can do this, but I still need your help! The poll closes tomorrow night, which means you can still vote twice if you haven’t in the last 24 hours.

Help me out! Go here: to vote for this beautiful cover by my lovely and talented cover artist, Belinda Borradaile.


And if you’d like to buy All Good Stories, just click on the cover here or at the voting site. It’s sure to make a fun holiday read. All the reviews say so!

Thanks so much for your awesome support! 😀


The Elephant on the Cover

I can’t stay quiet any longer. There’s an elephant in the Cover Wars room that needs to be addressed.

The wonderful people at Author Shout who host the Cover Wars contest have pitted me against a good friend. Two good friends, in fact. One wrote a book of poetry and the other designed her cover. The first is the lovely Judy E. Martin, of Rhymes of the Times fame, and the second is Chris Graham, aka The Story-Reading Ape.

If I wasn’t competing this week, I would totally be supporting Judy and Chris every step of the way. But alas, this can’t be so. War is war, after all, and one must stick up for oneself.

Having said all that, the main point of Cover Wars, for me anyway, is exposure for my novelette, All Good Stories. I’m sure Judy is thinking the same thing. So while you’re there today voting for my cover ( 😀 ), please also check out Judy’s. Each cover, when clicked, will take you to the book’s Amazon page. Why don’t you click on over and buy Judy’s book?! I haven’t read it yet, but if I know Judy, it’s awesome! Here’s the link to Author Shout, Cover Wars for the vote: You can cast your vote once every 24 hours.

This is my beautiful cover, (drawn with love by the ever-talented Belinda Borradaile) for you to vote on:

And here’s Judy’s! You can click on it here to go directly to its Amazon page, too.

RotT eBook Cover JPG

Thanks so much!


The War is On!

It’s official! For one week only, I’m in competition for the best book cover on Author Shout’s Cover Wars. Please head over and vote for my amazing cover, designed with love by the equally amazing and lovely Belinda Borradaile of

Here’s the link to vote: Even better, you can vote once a day for the next week. Do it now! 😀 Thank you!


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Last Chance to Vote

We’re down to the wire for choosing our new Stream of Consciousness Saturday badge and it’s so close! It’s a race between three of the contestants with only one vote between each, but it’s still not too late for the other four to catch up.

Tell your friends! Send up a plane with a banner! And if you haven’t voted yet, vote here!:


It’s Time To Vote for the 2016-17 #SoCS Badge!

It’s after midnight, which means this year’s contest is closed for the new Stream of Consciousness Saturday badge. We have seven wonderful pieces of art to choose from! Anyone can vote: make yours count!

I’ll name them all to make it easier for voting purposes. Here are the contestants in order, according to the time of their entries:

KG, with “Long and Winding Road”

Dale, with “Thoughts”

Willow, with “Wildflowers”

John, with “Digital Sky”

JoAnna, with “Rocks and Water”

Helen, with “Fast-Moving Stream”

Deborah, with “Firework Fantasy”

Please be sure to check them all out before you vote!

Poll is closed.

The poll will be open for one day. If it doesn’t close down automatically after 24 hours, I will close it when I get up on the morning of Friday, August 12th. The results will be announced before the Friday SoCS prompt is posted, and our winner’s badge will be featured for the very first time as part of the prompt!

Best of luck to all our amazing contributors!


Hashtag Poll – We Need Your Vote!

As you may know, after The Great Twitter Fiasco of last week (read about it here if you haven’t already) I decided that we need a new hashtag for One-Liner Wednesday. There were some fantastic suggestions but only four of them turned up to be already unused. (The most popular ones in the last post’s comments–#1LW and #OLW are the most used of all. OLW is for both “Operation Live Well” and “Only Living Witness,” neither of which I feel strong enough to take on … particularly the witness one…)

So here are the ones we can vote for:

Sandra J. Jackson’s #1__erWed
John Holton’s #1linerWeds
Pamela’s #Your1lineWed
or Willow’s #lindas1linerWed

The Poll

I’ll close the poll before I post this week’s One-Liner Wednesday. If there’s a tie, I’ll decide.

Let’s do this thing!! Vote now!


Oiling the Creative Machine

I’m looking for input on an idea. It all started like this…

I decided to play with a pseudonym, but I didn’t want to have to keep signing in and out of this WordPress account to keep my name a secret, so I went to … hold on to your seats … Blogger. Don’t everyone gasp at once. I’ve been there for a whole four days and not a single peep out of any one of the maybe three people who have looked at my blog. Needless to say, it’s frustrating. SO much harder to follow people over there – I swear I can hear crickets. You may be wondering just why I would want a pseudonym. Easy. Yes, that’s right, I want something easy to write – short, sweet, random, funny snippets that don’t take away from the theme and goal of this blog, which is to talk about my life in a reasonable manner and to further my career as a novelist. I can’t see shooting out the occasional random crap as a stop to reaching that goal. The other, more important reason for my Blogger blog came up in relation to my shoulder. I’ve been told to bend over and let my arm hang, swinging every once in a while to keep the joint lubricated. Just like I need to lubricate my creative joint by writing… But writing things like decent fiction and grammatically correct articles takes up so much time!! So here’s my crazy little idea.

What if I created another WordPress blog, just for this purpose. I could keep the pseudonym, only everyone will know it’s me, because when I write and comment my gravatar will be there. Would you follow me? Some of it will be semi-fictional, some will be more like a tweet only longer… all of it will be just random amusing crap that may well culminate in huge discussions. Most of all, it will be for me.

So, input? Have you ever considered doing something like this? Your opinions will likely have a lot to do with whether or not I go through with it, so please be honest.  Here, I’ll make it easy for you.

The poll is no longer active. Thanks for voting!




SoCS Badge Design Contest – Please Vote!

We have three entries in the Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS) Badge Design contest. Please take a look at all of them before you vote.

Here they are in order of when they entered:

Silver Threading:

Books, Music, Photography, & Movies:

Mindful Digressions: – please note because Doobster at Mindful Digressions hasn’t played by the rules *stares at you, Doobster* and ignored the bit about one badge per entrant, (Rule #5) that if he wins, I will choose which badge of his two will be the ultimate winner.

Poll is closed.

It’s going to be a tough choice – all three are amazing!

The poll will remain open for one day. Results will be posted on Friday.

Vote now and help choose our new SoCS badge!!