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Just Jot It January 2017 Rules

Here are the rules for JusJoJan:

1. Just Jot It January starts January 1st, but it’s never too late to join in! Here, we run on the honour system; the “jot it” part of JusJoJan means that anything you jot down, anywhere (it doesn’t have to be a post, it can even be a grocery list) counts as a “Jot.” If it makes it to WordPress that day, great! If it waits a week to get from a sticky note to your screen, no problem!

2. This year, I’ll be posting prompts at 2am my time (GMT -5). You don’t have to follow the prompt word every day, but that will be where you leave your link for others to see. There will be a prompt for every day except Wednesday, when the prompt is simply my One-Liner Wednesday. Each prompt post will include the rules. To ping back, just copy the URL from the daily prompt post, and paste it anywhere in your post. Check to make sure your link shows up where you want it to, and go back occasionally to see other bloggers’ entries – the more you visit others, the more they’ll visit you! Note: The newest pingbacks will be at the top of the comments section.

3. Tag your post JusJoJan and/or #JusJoJan.

4. Write anything! Any length will do! It can even be a photo or a drawing – you’re going to title it, right? There’s your jot!

5. The prompts will appear every day that’s neither a Wednesday nor a Saturday–Saturday’s prompt will be Stream of Consciousness Saturday. You’ll find the list below. Remember,  you don’t have to use the prompts. Please write whatever inspires you.

6. If you’d like to, use the JusJoJan badge so that others can find your post more easily.


7. Have fun!

Here are the prompts that I have so far. I’ll fill in the SoCS prompts as I have them:

January 1st – Spider ( ghostmmnc)
January 2nd – Time ( JoAnna)
January 3rd – Warning ( Dan Antion)
January 4th – (One-Liner Wednesday)
January 5th – Spangly ( Judy E. Martin)
January 6th – Tangible ( Prajakta)
January 7th – (SoCS – coat)
January 8th – Mongrel ( TanGental)
January 9th – Power ( 20/20 hines sight)
January 10th – Danger ( MWLange)
January 11th – (One-Liner Wednesday)
January 12th – Tingle ( Tessa)
January 13th – Hospital (Charlene Bullard –
January 14th – (SoCS – “P”)
January 15th – Mercy ( BarbCT)
January 16th – Impenetrable ( Blog Woman!!!)
January 17th – Complaint ( Willowdot21)
January 18th – (One-Liner Wednesday)
January 19th – Rubbish ( Wendyj59)
January 20th – Transcendent ( Deborah Drucker)
January 21st – (SoCS – glass)
January 22nd – Contempt ( Rosemary Carlson)
January 23rd – Compromise ( Ritu)
January 24th – Elusive ( Eclectic Evelyn)
January 25th – (One-Liner Wednesday)
January 26th – Extraordinary ( jetgirlcos)
January 27th – Incomplete ( Cyn K)
January 28th – (SoCS – wood/would)
January 29th – History ( KL Caley)
January 30th – Blue ( John Holton)
January 31st – Detritus ( Lorraine’s frilly freudian slip)


#SoCS – First to last

2016. My first thought out of all the things to say about it has, for months, been about how shitty it’s been. Yet personally, I’ve had a lot of things to be grateful for.

I released my first book, making me officially an author. And I had a short story accepted in an anthology, making me an accepted author.

I began taking editing courses and so far I’m doing exceptionally well.

I managed to tick off four of the nine things on my 2016 bucket list. Admittedly, one of them was teach the dog sign language, but that’s something, right?

I made a couple of new friends online.

I kept all the friends I have.

And most of all, I lived. And so did everyone in my immediate family.  (Pray I’m not jinxing anything – there are still 8 hours to go.)

I’m also very grateful for this blog and this community. I’ve lived years without the feeling of connection and they were lonely years indeed. Since I came here to WordPress I’ve felt nothing but accepted, appreciated, and part of a larger entity than ever before. Thank you, my friends.

Thank you to everyone who has commented, liked, and read my posts this year, and thanks to all who have participated in my prompts. I can’t imagine life without you.

Cheers to 2017!


The Stream of Consciousness Saturday rules and all the other posts can be found here: