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#SoCS – I want it, but would I give my right arm for it?


Wouldn’t it be nice if we had more hours in a day? Or if we could just not have to spend so much time sleeping? I normally only get about 5 hours, but that’s five hours I could spend doing all the things I have to do. I actually slept in until 10:45 this morning because Alex (my youngest) is at his dad’s this weekend. I came downstairs to find the dog with his legs crossed (not really – he can hold it a long time) and thought to myself I wish I’d gotten up earlier. But we need sleep once in a while, right? Ugh.

I’m often tempted to use the phrase “I’d give my right arm…” but really, would I? Imagine what that would do to my gait when I’m walking… I’d be going in circles all the time. Typing would be a hassle, as would giving people hugs. One-armed hugs are so impersonal, though I suspect anyone getting a hug from a one-armed person would not likely take it personally. (Seriously, if anyone out there is missing their right arm or knows someone who is, I mean absolutely no disrespect. Just musing on the realities…)

Actually, I have lived without the use of my right arm for the most part when I had a frozen shoulder. Remember that? My gratitude for my right arm has increased tenfold since then. Although I did retain some of the dexterity I gained from having to be left-handed. And oh! the sleep deprivation when my shoulder was frozen! I’ve never known such pain!

So I guess I’ve answered my own question. Would I give my right arm for sleep? Apparently not.

Thanks, stream of consciousness writing.

If you, too, would like to see what lengths you’d go to (or not) in order to get what you want, click the following link and join in! It’s free!

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59 thoughts on “#SoCS – I want it, but would I give my right arm for it?

  1. .
    So glad you’re enjoying the book of account, Michael.


  2. I’d much more happily give up my right arm than the one on the other side. I’m very left-handed, you see…

    And I so hear you about sleep. I actually found myself resenting the hours I needed to sleep a couple of times last month, and feeling guilty for taking the time. Seriously, what’s THAT about?! I’m like you – I usually only sleep 5 hours, sometimes less – and there are times I don’t sleep for 30-35 hours.


    May we both remember what’s worth our dominant arms, and what’s not. =D


  3. Great prompt–I always think I want to participate, but get hung up on the idea that stream of consciousness means exactly that–no planning! 🙂 I totally couldn’t give up a limb for any reason–as it is, I could really use an extra one or 2, if you know someone willing, and for a discount price 🙂 🙂

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  4. I had to have the tendons in my right shoulder reattached three years ago , and I found it very difficult without the use of my right arm for months. I don’t think there’s much I’d give a arm for. 🙂


  5. Well because most people are right handed, their right arm is pretty important to their functioning. Sleep is very important too. And going without it is not virtuous and can damage your health. Good to be allowed to sleep in. You need it and deserve it.

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  6. Once I was in hospital for a whole week and the nurses came in and put an IV in my hand, without waking me to ask which one I use more. This ended up meaning I lost use of my dominant hand for two or three weeks, as the port stayed in that long. It was horrible. Kind of like using the whole use of that limb really. I have read a lot about actual loss of dumb and the phantom pain. Nobody would want that, but interesting expression. If it makes you think I guess.


    • The expression really kinda does make you think – you’d have to want something really bad to give your right arm. But then it’s like many expressions. I mean, who could eat a horse, even if they were really hungry? Haha.
      When my son, Alex, goes into hospital and needs an IV, I always ask them to put it in his foot. He can’t communicate without his hands.

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  7. I often wonder how that term,”give me right arm” came into usage. Why the right and not the left? As for frozen shoulder, that’s taking a cold shoulder to some extreme isn’t it. I’ve know a few frozen hearts but I think that’s different Yes? I don’t think I’d be happy giving up anything at the present time, every bit is needed in one way or another.


  8. As someone who struggles with her arms and hands thanks to arthritis, I can honestly say, I need all the limb ability I can get! I am thankful and won’t be giving my right arm, even though it failed me three times today.
    I remember when you jacked-up your shoulder, as I did mine right around the same time. Difference being I could afford to baby mine.
    Sleep, well, I have you beat there. I sometimes get 10 hours of sleep, sometimes two days in a row. I don’t like to go to bed, and I don’t like to get up. I’m not good at either one, but I wouldn’t trade my right arm to be so 😉


  9. I wouldn’t give my right arm but I’d give my right arm before I’d give my sight. And oh gads I’d love to not NEED sleep! I am an insomniac, need more than I get, but five hours is a good night for me!


    • Oh me too – I don’t know how I’d survive without my sight! Sorry to hear you have problems sleeping. It’s happened to me, but luckily it’s not a chronic thing. My lack of sleep is due entirely to responsibility.
      Here’s to at least 5 hours!


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  11. I put my right arm and hand through hell over my lifetime. Then broke my right wrist a few years ago. Can’t sleep long on my right side and carry heavy loads with my left. I figure I owe my right a rest. And yes it’s ok to sleep in when you can. Your lucky you don’t have dogs who wake you up at 5:00 to go out.


  12. I’m lucky to get enough sleep. I don’t need more. I’ve experienced life without one arm working well, and I wouldn’t go back to that.


  13. Nope, nada, would not give up my right arm or any limb for more hours…knowing me, I would still be procrastinating…however, would I give up a limb for someone I love…probably…nah, of course I would for my kids or grandson…yep, that I would and the hug is all in the closeness and the squeeze. When I hug people I love, I usually tell them to squeeze harder 🙂


  14. I’d give my right arm for more sleep. It’s not exactly doing much for me now…


  15. I use my right arm too much… maybe my left Lol!


  16. Frozen shoulders, ugh. Within a two year span my right rotator cuff froze up and then my left. Each required about 12 weeks of physical therapy to “thaw.” What a pain in the butt…I mean shoulder!


  17. Really enjoyed this, how we use phrases to express ideas yet how in reality we would double back, someone at work said, “wouldn’t it be great if we had a third arm, we’d get so much more done,” and I explained the reality, and got really into how that arm would develop, they looked at me like I was from a different planet haha


    • Haha! I bet they did. Like having eyes in the back of your head – to make it feasible you’d pretty much have to be bald. Otherwise you’d be picking hair out of your eyes all the time. 😛 😀

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  18. Of course you would not!


  19. I wouldn’t be giving any of my limbs either, Linda! The older I get the more I value everything! 🙂


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