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We did it! Just Jot it January 2019


We made it through January! A big pat on the back and congratulations to all of you who posted and linked every day for Just Jot it January. It’s not easy for everyone to post every day, so if you fall into that category, well done!

And if you just linked once in a while, or even once, or if you went into the comments and read posts of other participants, I appreciate that too.

To celebrate our accomplishment, no matter how big or small, I’ve made a participant’s badge. Please feel free to take it and post it on your blog. If you’d like to write a post to congratulate yourself and others for completing the challenge, feel free to link back here.

I’d also like to offer this as an opportunity to drop a link to one of your JusJoJan posts into the comments below. I encourage everyone to visit at least one blogger who you might not have read before.

Most of all, let’s keep this community going! Keep in touch, visit one another. Have fun!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

6 thoughts on “We did it! Just Jot it January 2019

  1. you go, and there’s a quick reference in this one to my suggestion for Jan 18th.
    Well done to one and all!

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  2. I didn’t write, but I read at least one JJI post on other blogs each day. Y’all get several pats on the head, and some spiked coffee if that’s your thing (it is mine lately).

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