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#SoCS – Yawning

You know what makes me yawn? Waiting rooms. Sure, it’s been better since the invention of e-books and e-book apps for phones–I always have a book to read now–but generally, sitting in a waiting room is the worst. Especially at the hospital, where it’s usually a loooong wait. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen asleep (or almost fallen asleep even) in a dentist waiting room. I’m too damned nervous there.

…aaaand, I just yawned.

How many other people who did this prompt yawned while they were writing their posts? I’m genuinely interested.

Because just thinking about it makes you do it.

I’ve noticed my dog yawns when he’s being bothered and is trying not to bite someone. It’s like he’s opening his mouth and showing his teeth without being menacing. I’ve never known a dog to do that before.

I’ve been tired all day. Which is weird, because I actually got eight hours of sleep last night.

Maybe I’ve just been thinking too much about this post all day.

I seriously have to come up with a more exciting topic next week.

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