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#SoCS – Affirmative


Yes, I can affirm that today has been a challenging one with the child who is no longer a child but acts like one. I can state that unequivocally.

But is that the way the word “affirm” is really supposed to be used? An affirmation–the word affirmative–means yes. So to state something negative (like saying it’s been a bad day), would be a confirmation, wouldn’t it? Because, like, pros and cons. So is there such a thing as a proffirmation?

Gah! That makes my brain hurt.

Or is it a proclamation? Which would be the opposite of a conclamation. Haha.

I like making up words.

I do like affirming that I CAN do stuff. There are days when that’s easier than others. I can sometimes wake up in the morning and, for no apparent reason, feel like I can do anything.

Then there are days when I just want to throw in the towel because I can’t seem to do anything right.

And I have no idea why either of those things happen.

Except when I get a negative comment or review on my work and then I spend five minutes saying fuck it, I can’t write. What made me think I ever could?

I’m glad it only lasts five minutes. Most of the time.

So yeah, I’m hoping Alex will be able to go to school for a full week next week. I’m sure his behaviours are at least in part due to the fact that he’s getting bored staying home. I think he’s only been to school seven days so far this year.

But with this crazy weather …

Last week it was cold enough the balls off a snowman (the snowballs–get yer mind outta the gutter), and tomorrow we’re supposed to get freezing rain. Monday? Rain.

I may just take Alex to school on skates.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

20 thoughts on “#SoCS – Affirmative

  1. freezing rain? ug nooo! would not like that at all! I hope Alex got to school this week!


  2. Please do not skate Alex to school, and if you must, do wear your helmet 😛


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  4. Fingers crossed! Hope Alex can make it to school! Thinking of
    you guys!!!!! 💙


  5. I hate freezing rain (if I have to go out in it). Good luck!


  6. I do hope school runs normally this week for you and Alex.


  7. Linda, you did a great job at making up words in this post.


  8. I am glad Alex is sufficiently recovered to attend school, Linda.


  9. Yes take it literally you can swear, use it as an oath, agree, atest, …. Sorry rambling again I am trying to say it can be positive or negative. You my friend are a positive person with sometimes too much on your plate. I do hope you get Alex to school soon!! 💜💜💜💜


  10. I have those days too…when I don’t wanna work even if am at work. Affirmative..its a phenomena😝


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