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Poll for Pingback Users


Pingbacks have been unreliable for a while now, but it seems in the last week or so they’ve gone from fickle to downright unstable.

I’d like to conduct a little experiment, to see if different types of accounts/different editors have anything to do with the recent issues.

Please choose one of the following, and let’s see if there’s any clear correlation between the technology we’re using and the pingback failures many of us are having.

Thanks for participating!

And thanks for the idea, Shelley!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

23 thoughts on “Poll for Pingback Users

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:

    My totally unscientific poll (which I’m reblogging so you don’t have to go looking for it if you’re interested in the results) showed nothing, really, except what I suspected anyway–that the pingbacks were spotty and most people still use the classic editor.

    It seems like they’re working again now, though. (Yay!) Thanks, I’m sure, all go to John Holton, who contacted WordPress on the matter.

    So ping away! 🙂


  2. I really hope this issue gets fixed soon. The new wordpress editor with the blocks already makes it so much harder to make a post and now with the ping backs not working it makes it really a pain to share.


  3. I am using classic editor.


  4. Hi Linda. I just noticed something about one of my pingbacks that is apropos to what you are posting. I hope I haven’t had more problems that I did not catch. I was looking at my #WATWB post and clicking on the hosts links to read their posts when guess what one of the links went to the wrong site and I had to fix it and another older one went to a weird site too. I have had other problems lately that are new to me that I posted about on SOCS. I always felt WP worked well for me and was secure and this stuff makes me nervous.


  5. Took part and my comment was marked as spam 😔


  6. I’ve never had good luck with pingbacks. I usually just copy and paste the person’s header address.


  7. My ping backs were working perfectly until this past week, and I didn’t change anything. I use the classic editor from the app. I’ll take the poll too.


  8. I use Blogger as my main post and I think the pingbacks work on WP sites.


  9. I use block editor and my pingbacks are working. But I don’t see this option on the poll 😛


  10. I’m using the Gutenberg editor and have found all my pingbacks work to other sites (I check they have worked), but pingbacks to my posts from those using the Classic editor no longer seem to be coming through (and I don’t get any notifications). Pingbacks to my blog posts from those using Gutenberg are working (unless the blogger creating the pingback hasn’t set up the pingback correctly).


  11. My pingbacks worked until last week. I have the classic editor.


  12. Regardless of which editor you use, I find that if you use multiple pingbacks in a posting, only the first one will work. You have to manually paste your other links in the comments section of the other blogs.


  13. In my research on the “Like” button not appearing, it seems to be endemic to blogs with custom domain names. The button appears for blogs like something dot

    Good luck!


    • Are you sure they haven’t just turned the like button off, though? Or does it just take ages to load and sometimes never does? That happens to me sometimes, but refreshing the page usually fixes it.

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      • Refreshing the page always fixes it, but you shouldn’t have to refresh the page. It actually seems to be getting better, but I’m not ready to call it ‘fixed’.


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