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Update – Poll for Pingback Users


My totally unscientific poll (which I’m reblogging so you don’t have to go looking for it if you’re interested in the results) showed nothing, really, except what I suspected anyway–that the pingbacks were spotty and most people still use the classic editor.

It seems like they’re working again now, though. (Yay!) Thanks, I’m sure, all go to John Holton, who contacted WordPress on the matter.

So ping away! 🙂

Pingbacks have been unreliable for a while now, but it seems in the last week or so they’ve gone from fickle to downright unstable.

I’d like to conduct a little experiment, to see if different types of accounts/different editors have anything to do with the recent issues.

Please choose one of the following, and let’s see if there’s any clear correlation between the technology we’re using and the pingback failures many of us are having.

Thanks for participating!

And thanks for the idea, Shelley!

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Author: Linda G. Hill

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7 thoughts on “Update – Poll for Pingback Users

  1. I wondering if others are having this problem: blogs I’ve been following for a while have the ‘following’ pop-up of the bottom right of the screen unmarked so I have to hit following all the time.


    • It happens to me only for blogs I’m following by email. I’ve stopped re-following them because I know I’m getting the email that they’ve posted–nine times out of ten that’s how I got there in the first place.

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  2. It hates all of us. I would have replied to you directly but when I hit the reply button it asked me to sign in to my app again, then denies I exist. Uh huh, hate…


  3. I think that WordPress hates me.


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