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#SoCS – When the Universe Cooperates


Ain’t it great when everything goes as planned?

When everything in the universe seems to cooperate, to get you what you want?

I managed to get out for the evening tonight with my best friend, John. We went to a bar down at the waterfront and listened to live music.

This was our view. Yes, it’s just the moon shining on the water. The picture sucks, but the moon was spectacular.


It’s been a long time since we hung out, outside of one of our houses, without being surrounded by kids. I’d forgotten what it’s like to be an adult. I think we caregivers need that sort of break once in a while.

Time to remember we’re us, that we’re individuals in our own right and not just someone else’s support.

Because it’s easy to get lost in that. The things we define ourselves as are what we become.

Mother, daughter, writer, editor, housekeeper, chauffeur, administrator, business owner …

I’m rarely not wearing a hat. And in that moment of wearing that hat, it’s all I am.

When was the last time you were not what you do?

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

17 thoughts on “#SoCS – When the Universe Cooperates

  1. Sounds like a great time! Any time with friends is a great time, though. The last time I was just me? I’m always just me, inside. I am not the hat I wear. FIGHT CLUB taught me that. lol

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  2. You deserve to bevy of too Linda. Glad you had a break from it all!

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  3. Glad you had a fun time! You deserve a break! 😀 ❤

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  4. Glad you had this time. Excellent question. When was the last time I wasn’t what I do? Way too long.

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  5. A hat can be a good thing, especially for me as I don’t have hair on top of my head and it can protect me from getting sunburn.

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  6. Good for you! I feel most like myself when I am in my craft studio. It is very hard to get out from under all those hats!

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  7. Glad you took the time, it’s important!

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  8. You’re very right. Everyone needs time for themselves. Alone or with friends.

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  9. I am glad you got a night out and had a good time. Pictures of the moon are hard to get, but I think I know what it looked like (it looked like the moon all the times I’ve tried to get a good picture) it was beautiful.

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  10. When we had free time during our tour in Slovenia. Time without a hat can be hard to engineer; I’m glad you got a bit of it and hope that you get a chance to have it more often.

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  11. That is a really good question. But I can’t answer. I am delighted though that you and John got out and enjoyed yourselves 💜💜

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  12. Good for you to feel like an adult sometimes, Linda 🙂
    You are right, it is easy to forget oneself in the middle of life.
    Wish you many more good adult moments.

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  13. Hi LInda, it sounds like a lovely relaxed time for you and your friend. I am currently on holiday in the UK so I am not doing my day job for two weeks, most of the time anyhow.

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  14. Good for you, Linda. Even the most generous deserve a few minutes for themselves.

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  15. Beautiful and I wish you many more such pleasurable times. I am in fact someone who ensures I have ‘me’ time very regularly. Often it means putting myself first, but I go ahead. I earlier used to think of myself as selfish, but I now know that I’m not that. I’m just someone who needs to be happy first, to ensure I treat those around me with love and happiness.

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  16. Good for you, it really takes an effort and we are worth it-

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