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#SoCS – Dressed


I got dressed today! That’s a big deal some days since I don’t have to go out to work. Today I took Alex to see Maleficent 2. We both enjoyed it a lot! Alex was literally sitting on the edge of his seat through the battle scenes, and at times I closed my eyes because the cinematography made me feel sick, but it was well worth it. And the costumes! If they don’t win an Oscar, I’ll be surprised.

Speaking of costumes, Halloween. I’m going to let Alex go out trick or treating one last time this year, and that’s it. He’s nineteen years old. And although he’s still very much a kid, I’m tired of the whole thing. I’ve been dressing kids up for the last twenty-five years. Or at least this will be the 25th. Costumes are so expensive! At least when you don’t have any talent for making them.

There’s a Halloween thing going on tomorrow at the local mall–it’s iffy whether we’ll go. Alex is terrified of people in masks (which creates another issue for trick or treating that I’m getting tired of). We’ve already missed one Halloween party this year because of that particular fear of his. He wouldn’t even go to school if they were allowed to wear masks on Thursday. I’d hoped he’d get over it as he got older, but no.

The push and pull is real. Much like the push and pull of trying to get last year’s costume on. Ha ha.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

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15 thoughts on “#SoCS – Dressed

  1. You are a good mom. Alex’s fear of masks reminds me of how my daughter would physically shake at the sight of clowns or anyone dressed in an animal suit. She missed a couple of birthday parties. As a grown up, she likes scary stuff, so go figure.


  2. Hi Linda. I love the new badge. I haven’t been ignoring you guys but simply off of blogging much due to heavy issues at work and WordPress doing its best to run me off with changes, functional problems, etc. we are in the process of relocation for a new job opportunity (yes, at my age) that will be my last. I hope things went well for your Halloween last hurrah with Alex. It does sound challenging. All my best.


  3. Total killjoy mom here. I don’t care for Halloween and don’t enjoy spending money on costumes OR making them. As far as I’m concerned, they should stop trick-or-treating as soon as they’re not itty bitty cutie tootie punkin butts, and I cut mine off at 13. If I had to do it all again, I’d tell them it’s against my non-existent religion. Told you, killjoy.
    Anyway, I wore pajamas all day Saturday, so Congrats on getting dressed and visiting the cinema and not being a killjoy ❤


  4. I’m with you on the getting dressed when I don’t have to go out mode. As I type, I’m still in my jammies ;-)! With an empty nest, we’re not into the decorating or the costumes. I remember well all those years of doing so. It was expensive unless I made the stuff myself. I hope you find trick or treating spaces that give Alex fond memories without and scary masks around!


  5. I’m with Alex regarding people in masks. Just Awful.


  6. I hope this all works out. I’m not fond of people wearing masks, either.


  7. I remember our daughter’s first Halloween experience because we took one step out the front door, saw some other kids with costumes on and she wanted to go home. She was about 4. I can’t imagine doing it for so long.


  8. hope it all turns out well for everyone


  9. What ever happens have a good week Linda 💜💜💜


  10. Bless you both! I know it’s really hard to manage in the world when you have significant fears…I’m a comfortable recluse, grateful that the world can come to me via Internet 🙂


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