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#JusJoJan 5/20 – Goals and Intentions


First off, thanks again to Faye Therborne for the prompt! You can find her last post here! Go say hi!

Warning: Rambling ahead.

I’ve figured out that Goals x Intentions = Results, at least most of the time. But where does procrastination fit into the equation? Does it come before Intentions, making them negative, resulting in zero Results? Or does it come after Intentions, i.e. Goals x Intentions + Procrastination = Fewer Results? (I added Procrastination since it’s already negative, in the grand scheme of things.)

I suppose where it comes in depends on how much procrastination one commits oneself to.

Which is an interesting statement in and of itself, I realize now that I’ve written it. If I commit myself to procrastinate, isn’t that an intention? But that would be essentially deciding to fail at my goals. So why have them at all?

In case I lost you with the math (which, I admit, probably doesn’t make any sense anyway), I’ll put it another way. Goals are useless without intentions to back them up. For instance, if my goal is to win a million dollars but I have no intention of buying a lottery ticket, chances are I’m not going to magically win a million bucks. If I do follow through with my intention, I may get results. But if I procrastinate so long that I don’t get to the store in time to get my ticket, I’m back to square one, which is NOT a million dollars richer.

But hey, I’m probably preaching to the choir on the procrastination thing, am I right?

It’s an age-old question: why do we sabotage our goals with procrastination. Are strong, solid intentions enough to stave it off? Sometimes.

Definitely worth pondering.

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22 thoughts on “#JusJoJan 5/20 – Goals and Intentions

  1. Yep I can definitely Procrastinate but having goals and intentions does help stave it off, a bit lol


  2. Procrastination,
    mastication and lack of concentration scuppers all our good intentions 💜

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  3. Though I am a dud at math, I know enough about life to be able to tell that procrastination turns every answer into a big zero.
    Love your equations!


  4. Me, choir, for sure. It takes me, at least through January to get my footing. As tempting as procrastination is, there’s something that feels extra good about achieving my goals. So I keep at it and give it my all, at least by spring.

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  5. I like to think that procrastination gives our goals a chance to simmer and absorb the flavor of those intentions.

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  6. Definitely a procrastinator.

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  7. Yeah, I’m guilty of that procrastination thing.

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  8. Procrastination just eats up the time with nothing to show for it. Lazing around is better. At least we are enjoying ourselves.

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  9. Another thing that ties very closely into your goals and intentions is knowing your passion!

    If you set a goal to write a book, but you don’t find passion in writing, it doesn’t matter how many goals you make, or the intentions you set, the chances of meeting the goal is slim

    Intentions must align with passion ❤

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  10. Guilty as charged, haha! But I’m working on it 😁

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  11. We are a creature of procrastination for sure.

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