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#SoCS & #JusJoJan 4/20 – Snow

We had our first snowfall of the year today. Until I moved to this town eight? nine? years ago, I’d seen one green Christmas in my entire life. I’ve lost count of how many we’ve had here. This last one passed without notice.

But now it’s all nice and white and fluffy. I went for a long walk with Alex this morning and am about to go on another one–it’s such a beautiful day out there!

There seems to be no end in sight for the snow now that it’s started. I hope Alex goes back to school on Monday, sans snow days. It’s been a loooong two weeks with no break from the caregiving job.

Here are some pictures and a video from today.

It’s amazing how much fluffy snow can accumulate on a tiny twig of a branch. There was no wind, so it stayed until it was too heavy and fell off.

I love my neighbourhood. Here’s a quiet garden surrounded by a wrought-iron fence and huge old red-brick houses. It’s closed off this time of year, probably to protect the roses. The steel benches would be too cold to sit on anyway!

A short video of the snow falling in the trees. I thought about how quiet it was until Alex started talking to his computer in the background. I was standing outside in my slippers with the door open when I took the video. Sorry about the size of the video. There doesn’t seem to be any way to make it smaller.

What’s the weather like where you are? So horrific what’s going on in Australia … I hope all of my readers from there are safe and not too hot.

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Love quickens beneath the moonlight …

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Prompt Me Part 1 – #JusJoJan 2020

Week of January 5 – 10, 2020

I’m looking for prompt words for Just Jot it January! This is your chance to inspire other people and have your blog linked to the Daily Prompt post.

I’ve decided to do this weekly this year. I only need 5 prompt words today–if you miss getting your word in on this post, you’ll have another chance on Saturday, January 11th. I’ll schedule these posts at different times of the day so people all over the world get a chance to see it first.

Read the rules carefully! I need 5 single words to use in the Just Jot It January challenge, for January 5th through to the 10th. This is how you can be included:

  • The first 5 comments on this post that include a single word will be the prompts for the first full week of January. These prompts will go up on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I’ll take care of One-Liner Wednesday and Stream of Consciousness Saturday myself.  If you write more than one word in your comment, for example, “My word is antidisestablishmentarianism,” I’ll ignore it. Same thing if you try to slip in two, even in two different comments–I’ll only accept the first. If I get the same word twice, I’ll only accept the first person who got to it. If you’re the second, feel free to try again. And please, remember this is a relatively G-rated blog, so nothing too risque.
  • I’ll link back to the blog of whomever gives me a prompt on the day I use it.
  • Make sure you get your comment in early. You don’t want to miss out!
  • Please don’t bother entering a prompt if your blog is inactive or if it exists only to sell things. If you haven’t posted in over a month and you’re only looking for clicks, your prompt word will be rejected. If, on the other hand, you’re planning to use JusJoJan to inspire you to get back into the swing of things, let me know immediately in a second comment — NOT the one you give your prompt word in. Remember, that’s ONE word only. If I can’t find a reasonable number of posts written in the last month that aren’t trying to sell a product, your prompt word will be rejected.
  • I observed a few years ago that many of our prompt words were negative in nature. I found they didn’t do as well as the more positive words. I don’t want to limit you, but please keep in mind that if your word is on the sadder or angrier side, your prompt may not get as much participation.
  • If you provide a prompt, I encourage you to join in as much as possible throughout the month.
  • Only one prompt per person for the month. If you get in this week, don’t try again next week.
  • NOTE: Please count the number of correct (one word only) comments ahead of yours. If there are already 5, save yours for January next week!

Please see the “Rules” post for a complete list of the prompt words. I’ll populate it as the words come in. Here’s the link in case you missed it:

Okay. Are you ready? Aaaaand… prompt! One word!

Edit: We have our five words for the week, so I shut the comments down. Sorry about the mix-up this morning with them being closed when the post went live. I’ll do better next week. I’ll add the new prompts to the Rules post. Thanks to the five bloggers who donated their prompts!


#JusJoJan 3/20 – Nosehair is a Cannibal

“Poke” is the word of the day today. I had no idea what I was going to write for the prompt until I went out for a walk with Alex earlier. The answer to my conundrum was Nosehair.

If you’ve been around for forever, you might remember a tree I dubbed “Nosehair” for the branch it had growing out of its face. Yes, the tree has a face. I’m sure the only person who won’t be able to see it is Guy Thair.

Nosehair had a few posts dedicated to him–here’s one, and here’s another. You should check them out. They’re quite amusing if I do say so myself.

Today, though, getting back to my post, I found that someone had poked Nosehair with stick, sticking it in his mouth.

Do you see the face? He’s facing to the right, with a Roman nose and a dark spot for a mouth below.

You really have to zoom in to see the stick in his mouth (close to the blue car) in the picture above, but here’s a closeup:

Does this mean Nosehair is eating himself? Has he been turned into some sort of Ouroboros?

Something to ponder …

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