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#SoCS & #JusJoJan 25/20 – Annoying Calls


I think the last phone call I got from someone who wasn’t my mother needing cigarettes–she’s the only person I know who calls me–was about plumbing protection. For my house. It’s the same company who I pay a monthly protection fee for my boiler. (Wow, that sounds like they’re going to come over and break it if I don’t pay them, doesn’t it?) They’re trying to convince me that I might need a plumber one day and if I do, I’ll have to pay them. (The plumber, that is.)

I keep telling them no, I don’t want plumbing protection, but I swear they’ve called to ask about fifteen times. Don’t they have memos? Get the frickin’ memo, already!

There’s another place that kept calling me that I finally had to block. As someone who runs a newsletter, I’ve learned that it’s important to make sure there’s a way to opt out of marketing. To unsubscribe.

I gave my phone number to a shop–Northern Reflections, a clothing store in the local mall–when I bought a pair of pants for my mother for Christmas a couple of years ago. Since then and up until last week when I finally blocked their asses, I’ve received a recorded message from them at least once a week and as many times as once a day. There is NO WAY TO STOP THEM! I’ve listened to their whole message, I’ve tried to contact the company, no luck. So finally I yelled at their recording: SHUT UP, TAMMY! and stopped them from calling once and for all.


How did this turn into a rant?

Anyway, the store has nice old-lady clothes (and probably young-lady clothes too, but I’ve never gone in there for those), so I’ll probably shop there again. But if they ask me for my phone number again, maybe I’ll lie.

Sorry, person whose number I make up.

Yeah, I probably won’t. I wouldn’t want to subject anyone else to the machinations of Tammy from Northern Reflections.

This is why GDPR was invented.


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7 thoughts on “#SoCS & #JusJoJan 25/20 – Annoying Calls

  1. Wow! I don’t really get recorded calls, other than the occasional scammer who tries to get me to turn on my computer because he says there is an issue! Well if there is, I’ll fix it myself! 😀


  2. I recently sent an email to a company, whose product I do like and use, saying, “I signed up for the email, because it was labeled, “one or two emails a week on product updates/use” but I’ve received 5-7 emails a day for the past 3 days?” The response was basically, “Yup – you can unsubscribe at bottom of each email….” So I did – The ‘excitement’, instructions and promotion of ’email marketing tools’ have made the email marketing/phone/text marketing world go mad – instead of pay-per click, perhaps they should do ‘pay per read’ – i.e. – sure, pay me for every email I open and if I actually do buy, after you pummel me with 7- just to shut you up, please consider a 10% commission, as I lost my job trying to keep up with my marketing deluge – I can’t buy without funds – – ” LOL


  3. The most annoying call I had was a sinister recorded message saying I’d become involved in a fraud and in order to avoid arrest I must press 1 for more information. Naturally I didn’t press, but it still annoyed the hell out of me.


  4. I hate cold calls ! 💜


  5. Those types of calls are so annoying!


  6. You should give them the number of their home office.


  7. Thanks for reminding me about big town stuff. We get plenty of calls from political robots.


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