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What Day is it Anyway? Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

Today’s What Day is it Anyway? is already a doozy at 11:00 am.

My day today so far: 

I woke up late to see my son’s coat and shoes still here. I was surprised, because he was supposed to go to work at 3 am today, wasn’t he? So, thinking he might, God forbid, be sick, I woke him up.

Me: Aren’t you supposed to be at work now?

Him: What? No. I work at 11:30 [am] on Tuesdays. It is Tuesday, right?

Me: Yyyyeahhh…

So, I woke him up for nothing. Which is why I REALLY do need these blog posts. 😛

Heartburn is a bit better. I might need Tums when I eat spaghetti sauce from now on. I had it three days in a row.


Alex and I went for our walk–two of them, actually–yesterday. I managed to get a photo of a garage door with a quirky expression, complete with dimples. Do you see it?

I’m looking forward to the green grass and the leaves on the trees. This limbo period between pristine snow and true spring is less than pretty.

Why I’m writing this post:

Because if you’re like me and stuck at home already, or if you’re going to be like me soon, the days of the week are going to be hell to keep track of. We have a wonderful community here on WordPress, and I’m sure many people are feeling nervous and/or isolated. I want to make sure every one of us has somewhere to congregate and someone to talk to.

I have loads of work to do, getting my books edited and written, so I may not be around too much. But I want everyone to know that you can start discussions with each other in the comments, and if you’d like to write your own “What Day is it Anyway?” post, you can link to this one. Hashtag #WDIIA.

Let’s keep in touch!