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What Day is it Anyway? Sunday, May 17th, 2020

My day today so far–10:39pm: 

Unable to concentrate on doing anything productive today, I listened to a book. It was a good book. The Wives by Tarryn Fisher. Gripping. You should pick it up.

On a completely different note, today is the day I’ve decided 2020 can go to hell.

Rest in peace, Captain Jenn Casey.

Why I’m writing this post:

Because if you’re like me and stuck at home already, or if you’re going to be like me soon, the days of the week are hell to keep track of. We have a wonderful community here on WordPress and all over the Internet as well, and I’m sure many people are feeling nervous and/or isolated. I want to make sure every one of us has somewhere to congregate and someone to talk to.

I want everyone to know that you can start discussions with each other in the comments, and if you’d like to write your own “What Day is it Anyway?” post, you can link to this one. Hashtag #WDIIA.

Let’s keep in touch!


What Day is it Anyway? #SoCS Edition Saturday, May 16th, 2020

I don’t want much in life. A roof over my head, food to eat, health …

The simple things in life are fine. I live inside my head much of the time, so that’s my entertainment. It can be, at least.

I managed to get out for a walk with Alex this afternoon, and then another one by myself after I worked in my car. I didn’t get a lot of work done, since I need a new battery in my laptop. The old one only lasts an hour, hour and a half.

This is the view from my car. I got out and took the photo so I wouldn’t pick up the dirty window.

Photo: Four adult Canada geese and about 25 goslings, all grazing on the grass with the lake in the background.

And here’s a video I took just off the trail when I went for my walk. Turn up the sound.


So yeah, that was my Saturday. Quite nice, actually.


2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley!

This adaptation of #WDIIA and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you by both. To join us in the SoCS tradition, click the following link where you’ll find all the instructions and the other participants’ posts in the comments. It’s fun! you can link to this post if you just want to write a What Day is it Anyway? post.