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What Day is it Anyway? Monday, May 18th, 2020

My day today so far–10:29pm: 

Today was Victoria Day in Canada. Did it feel like a holiday? Absolutely not. Although I’ve gotta say, it does feel like a Sunday, because Alex had no hour of school work this morning. Which he usually finishes before I’m out of bed anyway.

I’ve spent most of the day being funny. At least I hope I have, since I’m editing another romantic comedy. I need to get the cover done for it, but I can’t decide on a title. Maybe you can help.

Book 1, Saddled, is about a male stripper who dances in bar called Woody O’Flanagan’s Pub. The stripper’s stage name is Saddle McFleshbomb, which is where I got the title of the book from.

The one I’m working on now is the prequel. It’s about the owner of the bar, Cal O’Flanagan, and it takes place as he’s getting the bar open and ready for business. At the time of this book, the pub is just that–a pub/restaurant–so there’s no stripper name to go with. I want to keep the title to one word. I’ve considered Nibbled and Swallowed, the latter because the romance is about Cal meeting his future wife. She’s in a position where she has to convince someone she’s dating Cal’s brother throughout the book, therefore, someone has to swallow the fake relationship, plus, well, you swallow food and drink at a pub, right?

Thoughts? Is Swallowed too weird for the title of a book? Keep in mind it just may have a shirtless guy on the cover.

Why I’m writing this post:

Because if you’re like me and stuck at home already, or if you’re going to be like me soon, the days of the week are hell to keep track of. We have a wonderful community here on WordPress and all over the Internet as well, and I’m sure many people are feeling nervous and/or isolated. I want to make sure every one of us has somewhere to congregate and someone to talk to.

I want everyone to know that you can start discussions with each other in the comments, and if you’d like to write your own “What Day is it Anyway?” post, you can link to this one. Hashtag #WDIIA.

Let’s keep in touch!