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#SoCS – I Can’t Believe it’s not Margarine


I grew up on butter, never margarine. My family hated the taste of it. And back when I was a child, it had a terrible flavor, kinda like butter that had gone slightly off. I don’t know how my mother always kept the butter so fresh. She must have used a lot of it, because it was never kept in the fridge. There was nothing quite as frustrating as trying to spread cold butter on fresh bread.

When I was an adult, I gave up on butter, but by then, margarine had improved. When I moved to Quebec (the province), I regularly bought what started out as margarine but they changed the name of it. To “Non-Hydrogenated Soy Spread.” No mention of margarine anywhere on the container. But it tasted like margarine, which, by that time, mostly tasted like butter.

I’m back to “Margarine” now–at least that’s what it says on the container. I miss butter. But we still call the stuff we put on our toast “Non-Hydrogenated Soy Spread” because why not?

It’s funnier. And it’s a mouthful. And who doesn’t want a mouthful when it comes to non-hydrogenated soy spread?

2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley!

This very late, definitely non-hydrogenated post was brought to you by Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Find the prompt here and join in!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

9 thoughts on “#SoCS – I Can’t Believe it’s not Margarine

  1. Give me butter evertime.💜

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  2. Oh I can believe it’s not butter 😁

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  3. “Non-Hydrogenated Soy Spread?” Sounds sooo appetizing! 😂

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  4. I’ve never heard that, but I can see why you’d continue using it. You have to add some spice to life, or Non-Hydrogenated Soy Spread. We’re butter folks. We sometimes get it from a local dairy farm. No added ingredients other than cream and salt. I refer to is as “nothing but moo.”

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