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One-Liner Wednesday – Effortless


How does anyone have such effortlessly beautiful hair?

Photo: My son, Alex, who hasn’t had a haircut in over a year. His hair is luxurious and curly and half-way down his back.

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44 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday – Effortless

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  2. That is some gorgeous hair! I had three boys and all of them got confused as girls by clerks at stores. My daughter is beautiful but her hair was never as thick and luxurious as the guys.


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  9. Boys always have the best hair 💜💜💜

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  10. My sons both had/have beautiful hair and eyelashes – I took the hint and quit messing with my hair with styling products, etc., and makeup – still not as gorgeous as they have, but if I just ‘let it go’ it turns out so ever much more pretty, in natural health – than it did back when I was ‘torturing’ it every day – LOL. I’m glad I had all boys as offspring – they FREED me from chains of modern world (hairstyling, makeup, high heels, pantyhose!) in a way that I most likely would never have done without their support and encouragement! My greatest teachers in embracing my natural womanhood, were my sons.

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    • Me too! I’ve never been fussy with anything but my hair, so I was happy not to have to worry about such things with my boys. And I’m with you on the hair products, too. Not using them hasn’t changed a lot, but it also hasn’t made things worse.

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  15. Why is it always men who have the gorgeous locks and the naturally long, thick lashes? Tell me how that’s fair.

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  20. Alex sure has gorgeous locks. Pony’s hair is the same way. The ladies at work tell him they are jealous. lol

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  27. I could easily be jealous, but I’m going to go with, it’s good to see him up and about.

    My hair is effortless, but only because I can dry it and almost comb it with a towel.

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  31. Wow! What great hair – so unfair! 🤣

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