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An open letter to the writer who told me I’d likely NEVER be published

Inspiration. Congratulations, Louise, for being able to write this letter.

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While I was going through some papers I found a report you’d written on my first novel and as I read it I felt incredibly sad. You probably won’t remember it, or me, but in 2015 you almost crushed my dreams.


I’d longed to be a writer much of my life but, always lacking in confidence, being published seemed unachievable. I didn’t have a degree, any A Levels. I didn’t have the courage to sign up for a writing course.

In my 30’s an accident left me with a disability and my life radically changed. I then spent several years struggling with chronic pain, and my mood until I started writing a story, then entitled ‘Dear Grace’ about best friends, Grace, and Charlie.

For the first time in a long time, I felt I had something to get up for. A purpose. Often I was awake throughout the…

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Update on my WordPress Woes

It’s fixed! The lovely Alex G. on staff at WordPress started off his note to me by promising not to eat me, as per my concern in the last post. He then informed me that the problem was with an image in one of my articles which had an errant “/” within its coding. Something that I, in a million years, would not have suspected. He fixed it for me, and voila! Problem solved.

I’d like to give a shout out to Sammy D. and to my darling Belinda for going to great lengths to provide me with possible solutions to my woes. Thank you both. 😀

The moral of the story: if you have a problem, go to support and/or post about it. And don’t be afraid – WordPress doesn’t eat bloggers. At least Alex G. doesn’t.


G is for … Greatness

Ah, the dream. I write, I edit, I send my baby out to agents and publishers who will surely snap it up and make it an instant bestseller, and that’s when the fame and fortune starts rolling in.

Suddenly I can’t walk down the street without someone approaching me to ask for and autograph. Actors are calling me at my unlisted number to beg for a juicy part in the upcoming movie based on my book. Life is grand.

But wait. Is it? Is it really?

You want me to do what? Travel around the country doing book-store appearances? Living out of a hotel? Interviews on public television? And… public readings? I can’t read in front of an audience! I was happy sitting in my room behind my computer, half in the can with a bottle of wine! Quick! Somebody grab me my Haagen-Dazs and a spoon. I’m going to hide in the closet!

Is this you? Or is it just me? Because seriously, as much as the money would be nice, it’s not as though I can quit my job and go on the road. My kids are my job – they’re not quittable. I’ve never wanted fame. And I’m sure I’m not the most introverted person on the planet who chose to sit and write books. But does it necessarily have to be part of the package when a novel gets noticed?

I found this on Facebook this morning:


and it really rings true.

It’s a lot to think about. Are you ready?


Admittedly, today’s fiction has nothing to do with today’s topic; it’s a day I wouldn’t have otherwise written anything over there. So here it is, the continuation of the A-Z Fiction Story: Enjoy!