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#JusJoJan the 23rd/23 – Broad strokes

The prompt word for January 23rd is “paintbrush.” Thanks go to Paula for the colourful prompt!

When we paint our woes with broad brushstrokes, we don’t really convey everything we’re living.

Ugh, I have so much to do!

It tells a story, but the behind-the-scenes to-do list is not anyone has time to hear about. They have their own to-dos.

Ack! Everything hurts!

It might not be accurate, but it conveys the message better than an inventory of all our aches and pains. And just about everyone can agree that aches and pains are all-consuming when we have them.

But when we paint our accomplishments and happiness, it’s usually more defined.

When was the last time anyone said to you Everything is wonderful! And when they did, could you relate? If not, ask yourself why not?

Because there’s almost always something we didn’t get around to doing. There’s almost always a discomfort or pain somewhere.

But if you take the reverse, when there’s so much to do, isn’t there something you’ve accomplished somewhere along the way?

When everything hurts, is there not usually something that doesn’t?

We let the negative keep us from painting our happiness in broad brushstrokes, but the positive rarely gets in the way of the broad strokes of our woes.

Let’s change that. Right now.

Repeat after me:

Everything is wonderful!

And let’s do that every day.


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