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Adventures on my Paper Route – is this the Ent?


I see faces in all kinds of places. This one is pretty easy to see:


Nice face

I took this picture a little over a month ago while delivering papers, but it never seemed interesting enough to post.

Here’s another I took the same day:


Death mask?

To me this one has more of a death mask feel to it. Do you see it? Maybe it’s just my crazy imagination.

And speaking of crazy imaginations…

I wonder if this first tree is unhappy about its new protrusion on its proboscis:


big tree zit

Maybe to a tree this is bling. I think I’d want to sneeze.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

20 thoughts on “Adventures on my Paper Route – is this the Ent?

  1. Love the tree faces! Thanks for seeing them…


  2. I thought “Ent” too as soon as I saw the pictures. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about how cool it is that you have a paper route!


    • The paper route forces me to walk around the block every day, rain or shine AND I get paid the big bucks! AND I get to commune with Ents! 🙂 I tell ya, get a paper route as soon as that baby’s born. You’ll be glad you did. 😀


  3. I wonder if this is one of the missing ent wives?


  4. I definitely see both faces! I thought that the tree was crying…


  5. Looks a bit like No Face from Spirited Away:


  6. Thanks goodness I thought I was the only one doing that!I have many faces in my laptop file,the majority found in food!Maybe I should post them too!


  7. Agree with the death mask. The tree bling is a great idea.


  8. Looks like a death mask to me…
    And the tree looks like a profile of an Eastern Island statue, crying…


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