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Fried Tree

After my unexpected adventure with electricity last night, I couldn’t resist walking down the street to see what had caused the damage.

It looks like this branch fell on the wires in the rain, hit just the wrong spot, and shorted out the transformer, causing the unscheduled fireworks display I witnessed. Not much damage, right?

But look what it did to the poor tree!

I shall forever refer to you as sparky.

I couldn’t get a clear picture, but the burn mark goes up pretty high.

GAH!!! Electricity is dangerous!


One-Liner Wednesday – The Trees Have Eyes

This one even has a favourite hockey team:I love my neighbourhood.


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Summer Blossoms


Click the photo for a close-up







I’m not sure what kind of tree this is, but I thought the blossoms were pretty.










Of course my helper for today’s paper route wanted his picture taken with one. Not sure what was distracting him, but the good news is, nothing ran me over.


…and then the planets aligned…

Check out this picture. Seriously, this is so cool.


click on the photo to see the detail

Gazing out the window as I was eating my breakfast this morning, I noticed that the way the sun was positioned, it caused the shadow of the two twisted-around-each-other trees in the foreground to line up perfectly with the one behind it. You can see the hole the two produce in the shadow, even though it’s about ten feet above where the trunks actually part. What’s more stunning than that, is, the higher branch is at the exact angle to go up the offshoot of the background tree.

Isn’t that amazing?


Adventures on my Paper Route – Xs of Doom

One day last week, two of my neighbour’s trees were marked by the city with bright orange Xs.

X of doom

I’ve come to know these marks as the Xs of Doom. Within the next few weeks these trees will be drying in some lot, waiting to be bagged for firewood.

At least the one closest to the street is going out in a blaze of glory.


Adventures on my Paper Route – Is it Ironic or Are They Just Drumming Up Business?

I’ll start with an update on Nosehair. I spoke to Nemesis today! He was standing in the street, looking back and forth between Nosehair and another tree right across the street. I bucked up all my courage and asked Nemesis, “Are you going to cut down another one?”

“Thinking about it,” he replied with an evil twinkle in his eye.

“Who’s cutting them down?” I asked.

“The City,” he replied, and with that he leapt into his truck and sped away, no doubt to tell “The City” that someone is on to them.

Stay tuned for further updates.

OH, my title – Is it Ironic? Or Are They Just Drumming Up Business?

You tell me: I came close to being run over by a hearse today. *raises one eyebrow*

And totally unrelated to anything else:

Apple Blossoms!

Apple Blossoms!


Adventures on my Paper Route – is this the Ent?

I see faces in all kinds of places. This one is pretty easy to see:


Nice face

I took this picture a little over a month ago while delivering papers, but it never seemed interesting enough to post.

Here’s another I took the same day:


Death mask?

To me this one has more of a death mask feel to it. Do you see it? Maybe it’s just my crazy imagination.

And speaking of crazy imaginations…

I wonder if this first tree is unhappy about its new protrusion on its proboscis:


big tree zit

Maybe to a tree this is bling. I think I’d want to sneeze.