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Don’t ‘Black Knight’ Your Characters

Excellent advice from Charles, and a great great movie clip to boot 🙂

Legends of Windemere

One thing that drives me nuts is when I read a book or watch a movie/TV show and characters ignore injuries.  Running full-speed with a broken leg, bouncing around with busted ribs, and so many other mistakes that seem sloppy. My characters get hurt all the time, so I have to remember to slow them down or add in something that explains how they can keep going.  A barbarian’s rage or a magic spell can work, but you must always remember to have them react to the injury once that boost is over.  Unless that boost comes with a healing spell, they’re going to be hurting later.

I can only think of three reasons (here with solutions) for this to happen:

  1. The author forgets about the injury, which is something that should be fixed in an editing run.  Once that character is hurt, you have to read through the rest…

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