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Calculators – The downfall of mankind?

So I’m in the grocery store today. You can probably figure out from the title where this is going.

For my international friends I’ll share some background to the story. Recently in Canada we did away with the physical penny, which means if you’re paying with cash they now round it off to the closest 5 cents. Not so with debit and credit cards. So my bill came to $4.07. I asked for a plastic bag and the cashier added another $.06 onto the bill to make it $4.13, which is what I paid with my debit card.

I commented to the cashier, since there was no one else in line, that the government and/or the stores are really making money on this penny thing, because if I was paying cash she would have asked me for $4.05 but the plastic bag would have cost me $.10 because $4.13 would have rounded up to $4.15. She looked confused. So I went on to explain that the difference between $4.05 and $4.15 was  more than the $.06 that the bag cost but by that time I’d lost her. She was staring in the other direction looking for customers (that weren’t there) and ignoring me.

More and more I’m seeing this. As the kids come out of school and start working in stores with cash registers that tell them how much change to give (when they deal with cash at all) they’re at a complete loss if they ever have to figure it out for themselves. I should probably add that the cashier I had today was in her early twenties.

Between this and text shorthand, I’m all but ready to give up on the future of mankind.

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Workshop: Knock yourself out

Amazing work from a great great talent! I encourage you … nay, beg you to check out his site.

This is a photo I took in the later half of 2011 to commemorate my upgrade from an iPhone 3G  to an iPhone 4s. I used to write product reviews for things like this, so I thought it’d be more amusing to do the same thing visually, with a photo that essentially says the new product knocks the other one out. Also, quite unnecessarily, I’m holding the two phones in the background. This photo is partly inspired by all the episodes of Bugs Bunny I grew up with, in which Daffy Duck or Elmer Fudd or both are trying to kill Bugs – but Bugs always manages to find a way out by defying the cartoon medium he’s in. Here’s how I did it…

Step 1: Take a photo of yourself punching an imaginary person

This was, strangely, the most difficult step in the entire production. Sure, there are several…

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