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How to Write a Best Selling Novel

A must-read for anyone trying to write a best selling novel!


Adventures on my Paper Route – Warm and Fuzzy

It was so warm today when I delivered my papers I began to wonder if my vision was blurring.

Fluffs (1)

Looking closely at this picture however, I can tell that it was due to the minute filaments of the tree I was looking at. I thought it was kinda neat.


Just in case you’re wondering what’s going on in the saga of Nosehair , no news has been good news. It does seem that he was as surprised as I was to discover it was actually two of his neighbours that were cut down three weeks ago.





The Arrogant Light

I just ran across this wonderful poem by my friend, Paul Davis, in my reader. Check it out!

Project Volden

I don’t mean to be arrogant,
Little Butterfly,
But what would you do without me,
The Arrogant Light?

I am your light,
Little Butterfly.
Your path seems so dark
Until I shine through.
I let you see
And guide you.

I am your heart,
Little Butterfly.
You don’t know which way
To flutter, so you get lost
In the words of others.
I whisper “Who are you?”
And you are found.

I am your courage,
Little Butterfly.
When you weep and
Your wings get wet,
I dry them
And you continue your flight.

I am your protector,
Little Butterfly.
The webs of spiders snag you
And I untangle your wings
That you may be safe.

I am here for you,
Little Butterfly,
The Arrogant Light
I will be here for you.

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