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Now that’s a guarantee!


“Top Quality Engagement Rings 80% OFF With Lifetime Guarantee.”

This was the subject line of an email which just showed up in my Spam folder. What I want to know is, a) is the ring guaranteed, or b) does it mean that you’re going to be stuck with the person you get engaged to for the rest of your life whether you want to or not, simply because the damned ring was guaranteed?

 “Honey, I know I’m an flabbergasting bitch, and I’m spending every dime you make on shoes and male strippers but, you know… the ring….”

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

11 thoughts on “Now that’s a guarantee!

  1. If it’s an engagement ring may not be a guarantee there but if you’re married and divorce, def. keep the ring.


  2. So funny! Gotta love those spam folders 😛


  3. Does anyone remember the Stephen King story “Quitters Inc.” (from Graveyard Shift, as I recall) about a company that would MAKE you quite smoking, no matter what?


  4. It’s when those flabbers get gasted, that’s when you know you’re guaranteed.


  5. Good question. Love the use of the word ‘flabbergasting’.


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