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I find it rather frustrating that I collect so many fewer views and followers on my fiction blog than I get on my main blog. I have been told by several people that fiction and poetry isn’t as interesting to most people as real life, so if that is indeed true, then it is to be expected. I sometimes wonder, however, if it’s a WordPress thing, in that unless you’re looking for it, you just don’t notice it.

After all, if I comment on your blog post for instance, and you get an email notification, it will include only the most viewed posts on this blog – it won’t mention my fiction blog at all.

I’m wondering if everyone finds this to be the case with their secondary blogs, or if it’s a fiction/poetry thing or if, it’s the unthinkable and my fiction simply sucks?

(Please feel free to follow my fiction blog.) <— (I put that in brackets to make it feel like a subliminal suggestion.) (Did it work?)


A new year, a new blog and you can all help

Doesn’t this sound like fun? Read more about it!

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So, I was talking to Julian this afternoon and we have hatched an idear. (Brits. Everything ends in R.) We have devised a way to give people a simple way to contribute to something fun and get a little exposure for their blogs.

We have started a new blog, “Line by Line” which you can find here :

Here is the idea(r) :

We will be telling a story day-by-day, one sentence at a time. We ask that people contribute their ideas for the next sentence in the story in the comments on the Line By Line blog. We will choose the best sentence and add the contributor’s blog address after it for others to see and click on.

The story will only grow by one sentence each day, so we will pick our favourite.

The only rules are, you must limit it to ONE sentence and…

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