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Bloggy Changes

Changes are hard, aren’t they? First you’ve got to deal with the difficult decision to make changes (assuming you’re in control of them – not being in control is a totally different beast), and then there’s actually going through with them. So I’m here with a little smidgen of a rant, and a bit of a request for opinions on my proposed changes to this blog.

Actually, the changes will be to both of my blogs. I’m trying to figure out how to make my fiction blog look more like an author blog. In doing this, I feel the need to remove the fiction from it that’s not in line with the books I write. So I’ll keep the romance, the horror, the poetry, and some of the humorous stuff, but I’m considering moving things like my Second Seat on the Right series over here and rerunning it for 365 days like I did the first time. Despite the fact that I’ve written 960 pieces of fiction and poetry over there in three years, I’ve had 10 times fewer views than I have here on with a total so far of 1,675 posts, this one included. All this to say, expect some daily fiction here starting in September. Some of you may have read it before, but it’s been a while. What do you say? Are you up for some funny short fiction?

The second change I’m thinking about is a harder one. It’s to do with the Stream of Consciousness Saturday badge. You see, I change it every year, but this is the first time that the creator of our current badge is still around. Every other time I’ve had to retire a badge, I’ve done it with the knowledge that I wasn’t removing a possible point of exposure to an active blogger. Here are our past badges:

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions 2014-2015

John Holton 2016-2017

It’s time for a change as was stated when I posted the competition for a new badge last year, but I feel kinda bad for John Holton.

What do you think? Read some fiction? Design a new badge? Why does changing stuff around have to be so hard?


I’m Being Followed

Do you ever wonder if you’re being followed? Or at the very least, feel like you’re being observed? I do.

It all started with the Daily Post last Thursday. The word of the day was “obvious.” I follow their prompts on my fiction blog, so that day I wrote a post entitled “Obvious.” Obviously. It’s a very short fiction piece about a car accident. You can find it here. The next day – Friday – the Daily Post prompt was “witness.” Hey, that’s handy, I thought. I’ll just write a part two for Thursday’s post. Here you have “Obvious, Part 2.”

When the prompt came up on Saturday, and the word of the day was “mistake,” I was tempted to keep going on my little car accident story, but I didn’t. Instead I wrote about a cheating husband. So what happened? Today’s one-word prompt on the Daily Post is “cheat.”

I wrote a story about paranoia.

We’ll see what tomorrow’s Daily Post prompt is.


About My Fiction Blog

I’ve been trying to find ways to get more people to follow my fiction blog. I realize that fiction doesn’t tend to be as popular as real life sorts of sites, like this one; I think that’s partly because fiction is more subjective. If the first piece someone reads isn’t quite their cup of tea, they’re more likely to skip the whole thing. Which is, not so oddly enough, why it’s so important to have a great ‘hook’ at the beginning of a story.

But I digress.

In an attempt to get more bloggers to go to my fiction blog–to see that it exists–I’ve decided to make it my primary blog for a week. What this means is, if you click on my name, say, in the comment section of a post, the link will take you to “Inspiration in Progress” instead of here: “Life in Progress.”

I’m telling you this because if it annoys you, my regular followers, I’ll change it back. But I need you to let me know. The place to do it is in the comment section below.

I’ll make the change Monday morning, since I won’t be around for most of today.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


My Fiction Blog is a Year Old Today!

Happy Blogaversary to me,
Happy Blogaversary to me…

Okay, it doesn’t quite slip off the tongue like Happy Birthday does, but it’s unique to the Blogiverse, isn’t it?

In celebration of my first aniversary, I’ve made a few changes… in fact you won’t recognize it, other than the fact that all my fiction and poetry are still there. To make it more clear that my fiction blog is, indeed, a fiction blog, I’ve changed the name to “Inspiration in Progress” to coincide with this one – “Life in Progress.” I’ve also changed the menus, the “About” page, and the theme!

Please go and have a visit, and let me know what you think.

Oh! It’s here:



This is not JusJoJan 2

This is:

I find it rather frustrating that I collect so many fewer views and followers on my fiction blog than I get on my main blog. I have been told by several people that fiction and poetry isn’t as interesting to most people as real life, so if that is indeed true, then it is to be expected. I sometimes wonder, however, if it’s a WordPress thing, in that unless you’re looking for it, you just don’t notice it.

After all, if I comment on your blog post for instance, and you get an email notification, it will include only the most viewed posts on this blog – it won’t mention my fiction blog at all.

I’m wondering if everyone finds this to be the case with their secondary blogs, or if it’s a fiction/poetry thing or if, it’s the unthinkable and my fiction simply sucks?

(Please feel free to follow my fiction blog.) <— (I put that in brackets to make it feel like a subliminal suggestion.) (Did it work?)