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What has Stream of Consciousness Done for You?


It’s been an amazingly successful week for SoCS! We’ve had a record number of participants and quite a few new bloggers join us, which makes me very happy. πŸ˜€

After months of writing stream of consciousness posts, I’m finding that it has loosened me up in most of my writing. I’m not quite as anxious when I begin to write a blog post. I’m wondering if anyone else who participates in stream of consciousness writing (whether here on WordPress or elsewhere) has discovered the same thing.

What is the best part for you about writing this way? For me I have to say it’s the speed in which I can get a post out. Not having to edit–something I usually do to a fault–makes it much easier to write a blog post on Saturday, which happens to be one of my two busiest days of the week in most cases.

I’d love to hear from everyone who has tried writing a stream of consciousness blog post! I’m still working on getting caught up with reading everyone’s posts from yesterday and replying to comments. I’ll be reading though, and will reply as soon as I can.


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35 thoughts on “What has Stream of Consciousness Done for You?

  1. I’m just having a blast riffing on a word or an idea. Most of my stuff is like that.


  2. I love SoCS because it has helped me trust myself as a writer more. It’s also that weekly post that goes up no matter what! Thanks again, Linda, for the fantastic experience. πŸ™‚


  3. Like you, I’m less anxious, now, with all my posts. I’m a little more tolerant of those mistakes that slip by me…and I know I can get a post out more quickly, and I’ve applied that to an increased volume of posts.

    I’ve used the prompts to play with ideas, concerns, imagery, poetry, social justice, and fiction projects. Often, that one little prompt is the key to unlocking a story I didn’t know was within me. Parts of an upcoming novel will be better and richer, by far, because one word – time – brought a vivid image that became a symbol and a moving force in the story.

    But, more than that-

    I’ve made friends here. In the comments and conversations related to these posts, I’ve found people who I would maybe never have met else – people like you! People I come to visit again and again, because they fascinate, inspire, or entertain me…

    And you’ve just done it again. I have an idea for a blog series to wrap up this year, and move into next…no more details, yet, but I will be sure to let you know when I’m ready to post.

    SoCs has made my worlds – inner and outer – more textured places. ❀


  4. It’s certainly a fun experience and helps when you just feel stuck.


  5. Let’s see. I enjoy SoCS because — most important — you selected my badge design as the official “seal” of SoCS! But, seriously, folks, for most of my “regular” posts, I tend to edit, revise, re-edit, re-revise. They often start out with as stream of consciousness efforts, but I know that I can make as many edits and revisions as I need before I hit publish. Because I am not supposed to do that with your prompts, I actually plan my posts out in my head a little more carefully before I start typing. So the interesting thing, to me, anyway, is that it often takes more aforethought and a longer period of time between deciding what to write about and actually getting started than it does for most of my other posts, where I know I can go back and revise the hell out of it. Weird, huh?

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    • Wow. That is so… backwards. Haha! But hey, whatever works. Have you ever considered though, just sitting down and writing whatever comes to you in the heat of the moment and publishing THAT for SoCS? Like seriously. … Stop laughing. πŸ˜‰

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  6. I am not a very impulsive person with respect to posts. I almost always know what I am going to post about but your weekly prompt helps me write about things , which are personal, which comes to the top of the mind without much forethought or plan (which sometimes is a relief) and its FUN. As much as I look forward for the Weekly Photo Challenge from WP to try and interpret the theme and give my own take to it, I wait for your SoCS prompt to ‘Let it Go’ πŸ˜‰


    • I’m so happy to hear you’re still enjoying SoCS, KG, and that it allows you that freedom to roam into areas you might not otherwise. πŸ˜€ Okay, now I have a Disney song stuck in my head. Thank you! Haha.


  7. I like the idea of writing from off the top of my head in a succinct way and at the same time explore a word/prompt and see where my muse takes me.


  8. I haven’t gotten brave enough to join in yet, but I read every week to see what others come up with. I think it’s most enjoyable.


  9. I find SoCS an enjoyable exercise, it gives me a chance to leave structure behind and focus on pure creativity of the moment and a world being created around that simple, single prompt. It reminds me of a literary equivalent of a sketch/gesture drawing in figure drawing.
    The community around SoCS is inviting and fun as well, which keeps me coming back instead of just doing free association in my own time. Plus, you come up with nice prompts. πŸ˜‰


    • Thanks so much, Dominika. πŸ™‚ I agree, the community is a wonderful bonus – very supportive of one another – and I really appreciate that.
      It is kind of like a sketch when you think of it. Bare bones writing straight from where our thoughts originate. πŸ™‚

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  10. One of these days I will join you…!


  11. I second the observation about being able to get a post out quickly. Not only do I usually spend a lot of time writing and editing my posts, but I also spend considerable time thinking about my topic and planning the post before I even start to write. I want to find just the right words and tone when I blog, so stream of consciousness represents freedom from laboring over a post, editing every detail.

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  12. I do not do it every week but I read many of the posts weekly! As for what has it done for me………… it has entertained me!!


  13. I think SoCS has allowed for a mind expansion on writing. Sometimes we think too much and this does away with all that. If the output stinks we can always say this post stinks and not worry. I have totally enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

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  14. I couldn’t write this one. All that came to mind was a picture of my precious daughter whose chest and shoulders are the size of a ten year-old’s and whose hips are like the average grown woman. Picture that! Even her nieces and nephews call her Aunt Pear–not a funny nick name.


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