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SoCS – On English and Taking a Break

The English language amazes me. I’m sure many other languages are equally amazing, but English is the one I’m most familiar with, so it’s the one I’ll talk about.

When I came up with this week’s prompt, “degree(s),” I had one thing in mind. The temperature. But then I thought about how many different things it could mean and I was astounded. So many words in the English language are like this. It must be so confusing for people learning it. At the same time it opens up so many possibilities for things like the SoCS prompt.

In my mind right at this moment is the worry about what will happen with SoCS when I take some time off from my blog in December, and since this is stream of consciousness, that’s what I’ll write about.

I won’t be around for perhaps three weekends in December. I can handle this in a number of ways: I can just not put up prompts and let SoCS go for that time; I can pre-schedule the prompts and let SoCS run on its own, or I can get someone to guest-post for me. If that is the case, I can either leave it up to the guest poster to come up with the prompts or I can leave them myself for the guest to put up.

I suppose I need to know if anyone would be interested in doing it. I’m leaning toward this way of doing things, as sometimes participating bloggers need a helping hand with the pingbacks, and because I like to ensure that everything is being read. It’s a big job.

I realize that it’s still a long way off, so if you want to let me know that you might be interested, I won’t hold you to it. I merely want a feel at this point if there’s anyone at all who’s interested. Please comment below.


Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

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