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Hello Little Tuna

Let Sleeping Tunas Lie

Let Sleeping Tunas Lie

If you’re wondering why there is no apparent fish in the photo, see this post: A Tuna Built a Nest Under My Front Steps! Either way, please click on the picture to see the full effect.


In Praise of Carrots

As some of you may have read here in recent months, I’ve been having ups and downs with my eyesight of late. For weeks I get up each morning and have to squint to see the computer screen. On some of those days I found an improvement after a couple of hours but other times it would last all day. Then, suddenly, it would get better for a while and I could see as well as I did a year ago.

Over the weekend my eyesight began to get progressively worse, resulting in yesterday having to wear my distance glasses just to walk around the block so as not to strain my eyes too much. I assumed it had something to do with screen time. But then it occurred to me.

Carrots. I eat them daily for a while but then I stop. So yesterday afternoon, after my paper route was done, I had about half a dozen raw baby carrots, and this morning when I woke up I could see my computer screen. Without squinting!

I always assumed it was an old wives’ tale to get kids to eat their carrots: “Eat ’em,” my mother used to say. “They’re good for your eyes.”

Who knew it was true?! I’m such a happy bunny today! 😀