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In Appreciation: Three SoCS in One!!

Now that I’m present and accounted for–I’m back from holiday–I have no excuse not to blog. 😀

See what I did there? The above sentence is a culmination of all three wonderful SoCS prompts presented to you by my three lovely guest posters. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them all for filling in for me while I was away.

I’ve learned a lot from each of my guest posters, but none more than Helen Espinosa. Here’s a lady who has been through so much in her life and yet has managed to keep a positive outlook. Her brave dealings with cancer, during which time she relied on the love of her family is so inspiring. Helen has shown me what it is not to give up, and to live life to the fullest; her philosophy is one I aspire to. Please visit her blog often. You can find Helen here:

Pav. What can I say about Pav? An English teacher by day, a dedicated dad and husband, a tireless runner, and an author any chance he gets, Pav has a unique sense of reality. His humorous posts are a never ending experience in eyebrow-raising entertainment, spackled here and there with a lesson in what it is to be a little bit of everything all the time. Any time you need a smile, go and read Pav’s blog at

For our last but not least of the SoCS prompts, we were blessed with Leigh. Speaking of busy, Leigh Michaels defines the word. Mom to five incredibly lucky children who have survived the foster care system, she seems to be a full-time everything, including the author of no less than four novels. To me, she is a lesson in what it is to give of oneself – inspiring doesn’t begin to cover it. Visit Leigh here: to read her blog and find out where you can purchase her novels.

So with that I’d like give my warm appreciation to you, Helen, Pav, and Leigh, for taking time out of your own busy schedules to keep SoCS going for everyone while I was away.

Please join me once again in paying tribute to three incredible bloggers!!

This post is, in part, a SoCS post.

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions


Thank You for the Warm Welcome

Linda is a pretty amazing and very trusting person. She told us we could post on her blog while she is away, but I wasn’t actually planning on it. I have my own blog, after all (that I feel like I’ve been ignoring),  and it’s still pretty intimidating, if I’m completely honest. I look at that 4,000 follower count and do the slow blink as my heart starts to beat a little faster. It pales in comparison to my own list of followers, especially considering I never imagined my blog would get over 10, much less over 100!

But I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciated the warm welcome I received and how much fun I had yesterday reading all your wonderful posts and commenting back and forth. I love how one word can bring so many different types of responses and it was heart-warming and lovely spending a Saturday with all of you.

If any more posts trickle in today, I will keep reading and responding. I’m pretty excited I managed to keep up with all the posts that came in yesterday! (It was fun sitting in my pajamas half the day with a cup of coffee just enjoying the experience)

I also appreciate the positive feedback on my prompt as I was a little worried about how it would be received. It’s funny when you start something new how overwhelming it feels but when you do it enough times, it just becomes a thing. I imagine Linda was maybe a little nervous when she did her first SoCS prompt but after doing it enough, she became the expert. It makes me appreciate what it entails to host something like this and I am even more grateful for her prompt each week.

I’m going to leave you with a quote that ties in with the prompt yesterday and wish you all a blessed week in your blogging, your writing and whatever life has in store for you. Thank you again for putting up with me for a few days. Stay tuned for Pav, Leigh and any other posts we might decide to put up in Linda’s absence.

“It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.”
-Eckhart Tolle



Party Crasher Pav

Greetings from Pavorisms.

Starting in a few days, your regularly scheduled operator will be unavailable for a couple of weeks, and she wanted to leave some of her regular features in capable hands to make sure you felt warm and snuggly knowing that your regular Stream of Consciousness Saturday posts would go uninterrupted.

But we all make mistakes in life, and she picked me as one of the stand-ins. You’ll be getting a prompt from me in a couple of weeks, and if things really go sideways, you may end up seeing some of my regular content here as well. If that happens, I recommend you just keep your head down. I can’t guarantee that there won’t be baby bodily fluids involved. I, uh… I brought a tarp. I left it somewhere around here. Just huddle up and make a friend, okay?

Am I qualified to stand in at a writing blog with a readership far beyond my normal, tiny circle? Here’s the skinny: When I was in high school I wrote prolifically. Awful short stories, horrible poetry, a really ill-advised novel, and a play that was maybe not so terrible. Then I stopped. I don’t know why. I think I knew my writing was about as appealing as a pile of badger droppings and decided I’d do the world a favor and stop dropping those little nuggets.

Then, in college, I picked it up again. This time, I stuck to plays, and I wrote a pretty good one and a handful of not-so-bad ones. A couple of them saw production at high schools and community theaters, and though I never made a dime off any of them, they convinced me that maybe I wasn’t entirely devoid of talent. But then I stopped again. Probably that badger droppings feel again, possibly the disillusionment with my chosen field of study, likely a total lack of confidence.

A few years have passed, now, and something inspired me to pick up the pen again. Starting in March of this year, I began the transcontinental trek of adapting my pretty good play into a full length novel, and peppered that with an (almost) weekly short story and a heck of a lot of reflection about writing and parenting and running, all of which I do with dogged regularity. Something clicked, and now I can’t stop. As a result, I’ve got a manuscript of about 96,000 words (yeah, I get a little obsessed with word-count) that I’m waist-deep in editing, and, oh, probably about 150,000 words of drivel not unlike what you’re currently reading over at my blog, Pavorisms. (If you’re curious about what I tongue-in-cheekly refer to as my capital “W” Writing, you can find my collection of short stories there as well.) In short, it’s been a productive year. (Whether or not any of what I’ve “produced” qualifies as readable, entertaining, or fit to print on toilet paper remains to be seen. I mean, badgers “produce” poop, as we’ve already established.)

So, uh, am I qualified to be here standing in for Linda? Meh, maybe not, but as Jules said in Pulp Fiction, “I’m tryin’ real hard to be the shepherd.” I don’t know what herding sheep has to do with the current situation, but it’s Samuel L. Jackson speaking there, and we all know you don’t fargo with that motherfargoer.

At any rate, I’ll be providing you with a prompt at next week’s end and maybe a few tidbits besides. In the meantime, if you felt like heading my way and giving me a read, that’d be super, too.

And, of course, my thanks to Linda for handing me the keys to the car while you’re out. I promise that I will kick it into reverse when I’m done with it and run all the miles back off before you get home. Don’t worry about the dents in the chrome, those will buff right out. Also, I don’t know anything about the scratches on the side panels, the crack in the windshield, or the bits of gore in the grille.

In fact, let’s just pretend I was never here.


Get Ready

Over the next few days I hope you’ll all join me in welcoming our Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosts, who have graciously accepted the task of taking over while I’m away. These three wonderful bloggers will be writing posts here at Life In Progress starting tomorrow, to introduce themselves. They’ll be coming up with the Friday prompts and visiting all of your upcoming SoCS posts during the next three weekends.

I know they’ll do a fantastic job and I hope you’ll all visit their blogs and follow them if you haven’t already.

Just so you know, I’ve pre-scheduled both of the One-Liner Wednesday posts that I’ll be absent for, as well as all of the “Second Seat on the Right” posts over at my fiction site, Inspiration in Progress, so you won’t miss a thing!

I have to say, it feels really weird to just end a post without a shout-out to someone after a month of participating in NoBloMooglyWoo and Mr. Fantastic’s Team Pepper Mystery Tour. Really awkward.

So visit your hosts when you see their posts. You’ll be happy you did!!


SoCS – On English and Taking a Break

The English language amazes me. I’m sure many other languages are equally amazing, but English is the one I’m most familiar with, so it’s the one I’ll talk about.

When I came up with this week’s prompt, “degree(s),” I had one thing in mind. The temperature. But then I thought about how many different things it could mean and I was astounded. So many words in the English language are like this. It must be so confusing for people learning it. At the same time it opens up so many possibilities for things like the SoCS prompt.

In my mind right at this moment is the worry about what will happen with SoCS when I take some time off from my blog in December, and since this is stream of consciousness, that’s what I’ll write about.

I won’t be around for perhaps three weekends in December. I can handle this in a number of ways: I can just not put up prompts and let SoCS go for that time; I can pre-schedule the prompts and let SoCS run on its own, or I can get someone to guest-post for me. If that is the case, I can either leave it up to the guest poster to come up with the prompts or I can leave them myself for the guest to put up.

I suppose I need to know if anyone would be interested in doing it. I’m leaning toward this way of doing things, as sometimes participating bloggers need a helping hand with the pingbacks, and because I like to ensure that everything is being read. It’s a big job.

I realize that it’s still a long way off, so if you want to let me know that you might be interested, I won’t hold you to it. I merely want a feel at this point if there’s anyone at all who’s interested. Please comment below.


Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

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