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Two More!

I need two more comments to get me to 20,000! Who’s gonna help?

commentsWhat also surprised me when I noticed how close I am to 20K, is that almost 1/3 of my views have comments. I think that’s pretty decent.


JusJoJan 8 – Do Things Really Happen In Threes?

I suppose it’s a question for the superstitious of us: yes, I am one.

When something out of the ordinary happens and then happens again within the space of a day, I expect it to happen yet again. Soon. It’s dreadful if two people die unexpectedly. It’s kind of exciting if I hear from two people from my past. In my case, today I had the latter happen.

First, I spoke to an old friend from my MySpace days. (Yeah, that’s a long time ago, right? Gotta be.) And second, I was contacted on Facebook by my ex husband. The one I would have shared a 32nd wedding anniversary with this year. I spoke to him on the phone too, for the first time in more than 20 years.

Will there be a third? Or have I voided the possibility by asking the question? Ah, there’s another superstition.

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