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Reasons why I should not work remotely

Such an entertaining read. I had to share it. I think we’ve all been there.

Because reasons


Nothing makes you feel more like a grown up than doing more than one load of laundry.

And not because there was too much of it, like when you turn your laziness into an experiment to see how much underwear you actually have.

(2 weeks’ worth.)

I separated, that’s right, SEPARATED my laundry into colours, black & white and other things that are too high maintenance for a washing machine. I read the little labels that come on clothes. Apparently those annoying scratchy tags of Itch have a lot of information – I did not realise that when I buy a shirt it actually comes with instructions on the maintenance of it. Like I’ve just bought a cat or microwave.

There are temperatures and not all of them can even go in a washing machine – this was a revelation to me. This from a person who buys clothes that…

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JusJoJan 11 – Just Random

Remember last week when I tripped over the suitcase in the dark? I have the weirdest injury from that. There’s a spot on the outside of my knee that’s numb except when I touch the front of my knee. If I touch it lightly it feels as though someone is rubbing their fingernail down the numb spot. If I forget about it and kneel on it, it hurts like hell. Nerve damage anyone?

I spent twenty minutes this afternoon looking for an excuse to have a glass of red wine. I finally found one. I shared it on my Facebook page, which, if you’re not following you should be. Here, I’ll make it easy for you to find it. Cheers!

I’m absolutely dying to get to my notes from Japan and share them with the world. Alex is better today again, (yesterday was horrible but that seems to have passed) so with any luck he’ll be back at school tomorrow. 😀 I’m also hoping that the urge I’ve been feeling today to be more creatively sociable will remain with me. I want to start interacting more on Twitter and Facebook. It’ll be a challenge, but I think I’m up to it.

I have to admit I’m getting a little antsy over my novel’s beta readers. The only feedback I’ve had so far is that the first 20 or so pages weren’t that interesting. I know I can improve them. What I don’t know is if anyone got past them… *bites nails*

We haven’t had much snow here but it’s freakin’ cold. Here’s a picture of me in a 20km/hr, -26°C head wind:


In other news, we have a temporary cat. Actually, two of them. They go with the temporary cave dweller in my basement, also known as my eldest son. The good news is, the more sociable of the cats is keeping Alex busy. I’ll get pictures soon. Right now I believe Alex is trying to pry the cat out of a box…

Gotta go.

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(meow, smash, ahhh!)