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FALSELY ACCUSED! (Guest Post by Linda G. Hill)

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Today, the great blogger who calls herself “Cordelia’s Mom” and I tried an experiment of sorts – guest post on each other’s sites. Here’s mine – hers will be posted on her site as a re-blog too.
Thanks to CM for doing this today – it’s been fun!! 😀

Cordelia's Mom, Still

Judge's GavelI told you all that you would be impressed by my newest guest poster!  I know I am.  For those who don’t know her (that’s not even possible!):  Linda is an author, mother, and the owner of the blog,  We’ve agreed to do reciprocal guest posts today (I am so totally beside myself!) – after you’ve read Linda’s post here, hop on over to her site and read my guest post there

A Two-Fer!  Enjoy them both.



By Linda G. Hill


I’m an honest person. I’m the sort who gives the twenty dollars of extra change back when the cashier makes a mistake  – the kind who would (I’ve actually done this) chase a car out of the parking lot waving a fiver at the guy who just drove away from the pump after having given me two fives…

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