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W is for Weigh


There are way lots of things you can weigh, eh? You can weigh the odds, weigh the elephant (if you can find scales big enough), or you can weigh down the competition and squash ’em completely.

According to google’s suggestions I can weigh the pig, weigh the pros and cons, weigh the same as a duck,


weigh the options, weigh the anchor, weigh the wangdoodle (?), or hey! weigh thesaurus! I wonder if that’s anything like weighing a velociraptor?

I can weigh a plane without scales (there’s a trick I’d like to see), weigh a ton, a package, a fish, a dog, or a lot. I can even weigh a pie… somewhere over the rainbow. (Took me a few seconds to get that one. Hint: you’ve gotta sing it.)

And on that horrible note, I’m outta here. Enjoy the ducks!

Author: LindaGHill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

14 thoughts on “W is for Weigh

  1. It’s dangerous to weigh the same as a duck! 😉


  2. I don’t know about planes, but a lot of trucks these days have have air ride suspension that are engineered to maintain a set level by increasing the air pressure in the suspension bags to keep it level. They have a pressure gauge on the dash that is calibrated in pounds (or kilos)- so it is common that the truck can be weighed without scales. The driver has all the info right in front of him. Just weighing in. Ha! (By the way if you weigh the same as a duck then you are a witch!)


  3. weigh a plane without scales.. Really


  4. Having weighed up the pros and cons I like this post!


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