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The HarsH ReaLiTy (another one bites the dust)


So soon on the heels of the demise of the WordPress site “Mindful Digressions,” hosted by the amazing Doobster, comes the closure of HarsH ReaLiTy, brainchild of our beloved Opinionated Man, Jason Chandler Cushman.

I met Jason shortly after I started writing here on Life in Progress – I commented on one of his posts and was flabbergasted when he responded. From that day forward I knew what it took to gain a following, and quickly learned that there is a community at WordPress – one that is supportive, caring, and friendly. I thought about deleting my post “Save HarsH ReaLiTy,” but I think I’ll keep it open – it illustrates more than anything I’ve seen so far what a fantastic place we have here. You can view it here: Most of all, read the comments. They are inspiring and heartwarming both.

Belinda at Idiot Writing –Β – and I received an email:

If you have the chance please let people know that HarsH ReaLiTy is closed and is set to private until it can be deleted. I wish everyone the best and appreciate the connections I made over the past two years.


He, like Doobster, is closing his site for personal reasons. Here is Belinda’s post:

For all the lessons you taught us, for all the support you gave us with re-blogs, challenges, and posts to share our own sites, for all the lively and entertaining discussions, I wish to say thank you, Cush. It was a real pleasure to get to know you. Your footprints in the sand (or snow) of my memory will remain.

In the spirit of OM’s mission on WordPress, please feel free to leave your tribute to Jason in the comments, or a link to your own post about him and what he meant to you. And check out each other’s sites. Let’s make Jason proud of what he accomplished!

As we remember all the wonderful, humorous articles and lists, the amusing one-liners, the controversial opinion pieces, and the loving photos of his family, let us lift a glass to our friend.

Cheers, Jason! May you and your beautiful family live a long and prosperous life!

Author: LindaGHill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

222 thoughts on “The HarsH ReaLiTy (another one bites the dust)

  1. OM rises from the ashes like the ancient phoenix only more sarcastic πŸ˜‰

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  2. But is he really gone…? The blog is up, with many recent posts. Or are they re-posts…? Maybe I’m seeing ghosts.

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  3. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    Thank you everyone for the support and encouragement while I dealt with things. I really do appreciate it and obviously you as well Linda. -OM

    Note: Comments disabled here, please visit their blog.

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  4. Thanks for clearing up the Mystery of the Missing Doobster. I was not a Harsh Reality follower. For both cases, I would extend my philosophy that death is a part of life, which goes on for all of us who now mourn the loss of these two talented and thought-provoking gentlemen. May they personally rest in peace as their lives go on elsewhere.

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  5. Why the heck does this post make me feel like crying? 😦


  6. So, what the hell happened? I turn my head for a few weeks and the blogaverse moves three clicks to the left?

    Finally, I HATE it when bloggerss I’ve enjoyed decide to move on, and close their blogs behind them. What the hell is that about? Perhaps I’m too bound to the old paradigms of print media, but it’s like an author retiring and recalling all of his books. Blogs should remain open, like paintings on the wall, like microfilm and stacks of old magazines, as testaments to the accomplishment they represent, the interactions and community that grew up around them. A closed down blog to me is like a friend lost at sea–


    • For me personally it was about protecting my family. I had threats and police to deal with due to a blogger disagreeing with my general blog. It is what it is and we do what we must. In the end my blog is worth nothing compared to my wife and kids. πŸ™‚

      Thank you for giving this a read. -OM


  7. Sad… I just saw your post and i was so sad to know… GBY Jason..


  8. I just saw this post about HarsH Reality closing and was shocked. I loved seeing his posts on my feed. They were entertaining and insightful. He was one of the first blogs which I followed on here and was amazed at his level of interaction with his readers. Although I would love to see him return, I wish Jason all the best in the future and hope he continues entertaining and inspiring others in his life πŸ™‚

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  9. I’ve been behind on my blog reading & discovered today that OM shut down – I enjoyed his bog. Frequently did;t agree, but that isn’t supposed to be the point, anyway. His willingness to engage was terrific, and his battles with his trolls was sad to see. I hope that whatever he is doing, he continues to write. I wish him all the best, and hopefully he’ll turn back up some day.

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  10. Very painful
    But we would live still, and prove he taught us well


  11. While my ping back is here, I do wish to express my own personal sadness to see Jason go. I, alongside everyone here enjoyed his content, and appreciated his generosity. I’d like to say thank you to him and to you for taking the time to inform us of this development.


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  13. It’s really a shame to see Emperor OM go…his FB is gone, too.


  14. Sending my best to Cush and his family. I regret that a handful of miserable people have deprived all of us of his blog, but I so appreciate meeting you, Linda, and so many other bloggers through OM. We will do our best to keep on without him. I hope to catch a glimpse of him and his loved ones every once in a while via his mom’s blog.


  15. Shame that he Choose to leave,both Speedy and I enjoyed his humour,and shall miss it very much,as for those that drove him away shame on them for being twisted Humans with no imagination!Jason we wish you well and Hope you come back someday,xx Rachel and SPeedy


  16. A Gentleman and a Star. Rock on Mr Jason Sir😊

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  17. Very sad to see him go. He was a very generous blogger who threw out candid opinions. But his generosity extended to even newer bloggers like myself, by holding meet & greets. He even reblogged two of my posts which generated a slew of new followers to my blog. Maybe I did not agree with all of his opinions but isn’t that the point of the written word? To write from our hearts? Again, I will miss Harsh Reality!

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  18. As long as I know he is putting his thoughts down and sharing, I am happy. I will miss getting to read his post, but, I’m grateful for what I have read, learned, about the importance of having an opinion, and speaking the truth.
    I don’t care how tough you try to act Jason, I think you are a big teddy bear, a brilliant and articulate big teddy bear!

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  19. I will miss OM… for all that we had differing opinions on many subjects, I found his posts thought provoking – sometimes in an epidermic way. I’m really saddened by this. Good luck on your next adventure Jason and thank you for what you’ve done.


  20. oh noooooo! 😦


  21. I too have tried to get hold of my little buddy but it seems he has gone completely silent. I can’t really say that I blame him though, there was so much going on. I will continue to to try and contact him and hope he responds. If his decision for shutting down his online social life is for the reasons I suspect then I say we all band together and take care of some much needed business. Yeah, I’m upset about this but I’m more pissed off. Thanks for the post Linda.

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  22. I had noticed OM set it to private when there wasn’t any new posts showing in my emails, which was odd to me. Thanks for keeping us in the loop – I wish him much luck in life.


  23. After reading your post, and all these comments, I wish I had known him. I saw his gravatar show up in the likes of some of my posts and, therefore, I’m sure I checked him out, but I didn’t take the time to REALLY check him out. Regretfully. I feel like I do when I go to the funeral of someone I hadn’t really known and wish I had. May God grant you, Jason, success in all you do.

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